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Bet9ja Old Mobile Registration, Login & how to Check Coupon code

Most lovers of football and sports, in general, must have heard about the numerous opportunities available to make money through your knowledge of sports. Now, there are a lot of options to go with when you want to bet on your favourite teams, however, we will be taking a look at one of the most popular options for most people out there.

Bet9ja is pretty popular and most people know of it, even people who don’t make use of the platform. They offer one of the best odds on games with mouth-watering bonuses to go with it. Now, to make use of the bet9ja platform, you have two options; Visit one of their shops or log on to their website. The latter is the go option for most people as it is a lot more convenient.

However, navigating through the website can confusing for some people, especially now that they have an old website and a new website. Bet9ja old mobile is different from the new mobile and in this guide, we will be showing you how to make use of both.

Bet9ja Old Mobile, what is all about

What is Bet9ja old Mobile? How do you register and place a bet on the platform? What is Bet9ja Old mobile Coupon Code and how do you go about checking a Bet9ja betslip result?

If you are new to what Bet9ja is and how you can about using the platform, in this article, I will be walking you through all you need to understand and how to be a guru when it comes to using the platform.

What is Bet9ja Old mobile?

If betting runs in your blood, then Bet9ja won’t be new to you as it is one of the best betting platforms in Nigeria.

Bet9ja old mobile is the old platform used to place a bet. However, it offers almost the same experience, the bottom line is whether you are using the old platform or the new website, knowing how to find your way through is important. Hence, I will be showing you how to achieve that here.

The Bet9ja old mobile app is quite easy as it offers great odds and services hence many people tend to use it a lot.

How To Register On Bet9ja Old Mobile and New Mobile

  • Using your browser, Visit the Bet9ja website (
  • On the Old Mobile, Click on “Register” In-between Login and Bet. On the New Mobile, click on “Register” Towards the bottom of the page.
  • Fill the short form and click on continue. This will take you to the second page with another form where you get to choose your username, password and more. After doing that, you can now click on “Create My Account” to create your Bet9ja account.
  • That’s pretty much it. You’re registered and ready to deposit and start placing your bets. You might also be required to verify your account by clicking on a link which will be sent to your email address.

 Bet9ja old mobile Welcome Bonus

After you have successfully registered or created an account on bet9ja website, you will be given a 100% welcome bonus. However, you must first of all, make a deposit in order to be able to use this bonus.

It is advisable to use the Bet9ja’s available online deposit procedures than making a deposit using an inter-account platform as this will deprive you of the bonus.

Let’s say you make a deposit of ₦5,000, you will get a 100% bonus added to your initial deposit. That means you will get an extra ₦5,000.

The maximum amount you can get as a bonus is ₦100,000. That means if you make a deposit of ₦100,000 or more, you will still get ₦100,000 as your bonus. So it is advisable you check out their terms and conditions before you start placing a bet.

How to redeem your Bet9ja Bonus

You can do this via the Bet9ja old mobile or new mobile

  • On the new mobile, click on “My Account”, then on ‘Bonus’.
  • If you are using the old mobile, click on ‘Balance’, then on the ‘i’.
  • Meet the rollover and wagering requirements found in the bonus T&Cs.
  • Once the progress bar reaches 100% you will have the option to click REDEEM BONUS to convert your bonus funds to cash.

So how do you make a deposit on Bet9ja old Mobile?

It is quite simple, let’s see how to do this

How To Deposit On Bet9ja

To deposit on Bet9ja is pretty simple and there are different ways to go about it. You can fund your account online by using your debit card or you can visit a bank and make a cash deposit.

Alternatively, you can visit an ATM and fund your account pretty much how you pay for bills like Dstv subscription. You visit the Bet9ja deposit page right here ( so as to see the various options available as well the limits on each.

Making a deposit using the online platform can be done through quick teller and bank transfer.

The table below explains everything in details

MethodTransactionMin/Max Limit
InterswitchInstantMin: 100
Max: 10,000
Quickteller InstantCard Dependent
GT Bank InstantMin: 100
Max: 9,999,999
GT Bank USSD InstantMin: 100
Max: 9,999,999
Polaris Bank InstantMin: 100
Max: 500,000
OPAY InstantMin: 100
Max: 100,000
NIBSS InstantCard Dependent
Zenith InstantMin: 100
Max: 3,000,000
Zenith USSD InstantMin: 100
Max: 3,000,000
Providus Bank InstantMin: 100
Max: Card Dependent
UBA Instant Bills Pay InstantMin: 100
Max: Card Dependent
UBA USSD (Magic Banking)InstandMin: 100
Max: 500,000

 Bank cash Deposit

MethodTransactionMin/Max Limit
Bank DepositInstantMin: 100
Max: 9,999,99
Stanbic IBTC InstantMin: 100
Max: 1,000,000

Making a deposit using the ATM

ATM Deposit

MethodTransactionMin/Max Limit
ATMInstantCard Dependent


MethodTransactionMin/Max Limit
WithdrawalWithin 24
Banking Hours
Min: 5,000
Max: 9,999,999

Now that you know how to register and make a deposit on the platform, let’s talk about how to place a bet on Bet9ja.

How To Place A Bet on Bet9ja

Now that you’ve registered and deposited into your Bet9ja account, you can now go ahead and place a bet. Placing a bet on Bet9ja depends on the version you’re using; New mobile or old mobile. However, both versions have a similar process.

The first thing you have to do is to visit the website on ( Since you have already created an account before, just log into your account and follow these steps on how to place a bet below.

– On the Old Mobile, Click on “Bet” and Select the Sports you want to bet on and On the New Mobile, Just select the sports fr the homepage.

– Navigate to the league you would like to bet on and choose a fixture. Choosing a fixture will bring out the options available for the game. From here, you can now choose the option you want to bet on. 1, 1X, X, 2, X2 and much more.

– Choosing an option will automatically add it to your betslip. After selecting the games you want, click on the betslip to review your selections then choose an amount to bet and place your bet.

Finally, confirm if everything is ok, you can now put the amount of money you will like to bet by pressing the Bet button.

Explained above are the simple steps on how to place a bet on Bet9ja. It is the same process whether you are using the Bet9ja old mobile app or via the website.

How to book a bet on Bet9ja?

Have you been wondering if you can book a bet without having to create an account on Bet9ja? Yes, booking a bet requires no account.

It is the same process as placing a bet except that it is for people who don’t have a bet9ja account.

Follow our simple guide on how to place a bet above ensure that you print the bet that you booked. The simple process is outlined below.

  • Print out the bet that you booked or you can send it to your email address.
  • Locate any Bet9ja shop nearest to you and show them the bet you booked on the bet9ja website. You can show them the print-out or the one sent to your email
  • After the cashier has confirmed your bet, go ahead to pay for the bet to enable the cashier to place the bet for you.

How To Withdraw From Bet9ja

So you’ve finally won a bet you placed and want to withdraw it to your account. You can do that by following the steps below.

  •  Login to your Bet9ja account by using your username and password, click on “My Account” and click on Withdraw. Before proceeding, kindly note that the account holder name must match your Bet9ja personal registration details. Failure to comply with this will result in your account being suspended until proof of ID has been submitted and verified.
  • Next, Enter your bank details like bank name and account number to proceed.
  • After that, you’ll get your money within 24hours. Note that you can only withdraw a minimum of N5,000 and a maximum of N9,999,999

How To Check Bet9ja Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes on Bet9ja is a confirmation that someone actually placed the bet and you can check the game on a bet as well as the options on the bet just by providing the coupon code to the Bet9ja website.

On the New mobile, it is called “Check Your Bet” while the Old Mobile has it as “Check Coupon”. All you have to do is just provide the coupon code in the box provided and run a search and this will pull up the games on the coupon.

How to check your Bet9ja balance

You can check your balance by logging into your account with your username and password and your balance will be displayed underneath your name.

Other important things you need to know about bet9ja

is it possible to change my Username on Bet9ja?

No, you can change your username. But you can change your password by logging into your account, locate the “Account Detail” section, click on “Change Password” and follow the steps.

Bet9ja old mobile app: You can download the app from the here

Betja Customer care Number

You can contact a Bet9ja customer care agent on these numbers; 01-4405145 or 01-2796666 from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm every day.

You can also contact them on Twitter so if you are on twitter you can tweet at them or DM them with the handle @Bet9jaHelp Or just Click on this link to take you straight to their Twitter page.

You can also turn this into your own bet by adding it to you betslip and placing a bet on it.

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