How to Borrow to Buy Electricity Units Using BuyPower Portal

Do you know you can now borrow to buy electricity units using BuyPower portal? If no, then allow me to show you how to go about it in this short article. BuyPower is one of the most convenient ways to buy electricity in Nigeria today. The utility payment platform has a feature known as the “pay with a kwikmoney loan”. This feature borrows money to BuyPower users to help them pay for their electricity bills online. Pre-paid and post-paid meters can pay for their electricity bills on BuyPower.

How to Use the BuyPower Portal to Borrow Money to pay for electricity bills

Kwikmoney (Migo) is the company that is partnering with BuyPower for this initiative. To borrow money from Kwikmoney to pay for electricity bills on BuyPower, follow the steps listed below;

  • Visit the BuyPower website
  • Tap on the navigation menu at the top right corner. And then click on “Buy Electricity”.
  • Enter your phone number in the box provided and then click on the “Click here to buy electricity” button.
  • Choose your State of Residence. Enter your Meter number and how much electricity you’re buying. You can enter your name and email address, which are optional.
  • Now proceed to the next page until you get to the “BuyPower checkout” page. This is where you’ll use “pay with a kwikmoney loan” as your payment option.

Other notable payment options available on the BuyPower platform is the pay with Card, Instant transfer, Bank transfer, and USSD Code. On the BuyPower website, you can check your meter consumption history and see what consumes the most electricity in your household.

If you have any more questions regarding borrowing money to buy electricity units, don’t hesitate to contact BuyPower customer care on 0908-749-3044 or send an email to By now you should know how to borrow to buy electricity units using BuyPower portal.

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