Desmond Elliot Opens Up About His Igbo Heritage During Campaign Speech

Desmond Elliot, the popular Nigerian actor, and politician, has recently opened up about his mother’s Igbo heritage during his campaign for the Lagos State Assembly election. The Surulere constituency representative shared this information during a speech in a church, where he was canvassing for votes ahead of the election. He revealed that his mother’s background is part of his identity and cannot be taken away from him.

In his speech, Elliot spoke in Igbo language, emphasizing his mother’s roots in the southeastern region of Nigeria. He stated that he is “partially Igbo” because of his mother and that his heritage plays a significant role in his life. By sharing this personal information, Elliot has endeared himself to the Igbo community in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

The disclosure of Elliot’s Igbo heritage comes after he faced criticism from Nigerian youths during the #EndSARS protests in 2020. The actor turned politician had referred to the protesters as “children” in a viral video, which sparked outrage on social media. However, Elliot later apologized for his comments, stating that he meant no harm and that he was only trying to calm the situation.

Despite the controversy surrounding his previous comments, Desmond Elliot remains a popular figure in Nigeria, and his recent disclosure about his Igbo heritage has further endeared him to his supporters. His decision to speak in Igbo language during his campaign is also seen as a strategic move to connect with the Igbo community and gain their support.

Elliot has had a successful career in the Nigerian entertainment industry, starring in several movies and TV shows. He later ventured into politics and was elected as a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly in 2015, representing the Surulere constituency. He has since been reelected and has been involved in several legislative activities in the state assembly.

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