How to download FIFA 20 MOD APK

In today’s post, we’ll be talking about the FIFA 20 MOD APK + OBB Data Download for Android. This game has been modified with the latest features and characters to meet the 2020/2021 season standard. As a football fan, this is the best game for you to play on your Android smartphone. You get to experience the PS4 wide-angle camera view and other updates you see on the console game. Without further ado let’s get straight to it.

No doubt, the FIFA soccer game is one of the best soccer games out there due to its near-reality graphics and top-notch commentary. Since the FIFA 2014 Android release, FIFA has stopped releasing games for Android, hence the need for modded versions.

The FIFA 20 Apk here is a modded version of the original 2014. It comes with the latest players, improved graphics, new transfer, updated stadia and a lot more.

Features of FIFA 20 MOD APK

  • It comes with updated characters and team jerseys to match the current football season.
  • There is a ‘Manager Mode” available inside the game where you serve as a coach and lead your team to the Championship.
  • As expected, this FIFA 20 MOD APK comes with improved graphics and 3D gameplay. There are new balls and stadiums in the game.
  • It features different game modes such as “The Journey Mode”, “Ultimate Team Mode”, “Tournament Mode” and so on.
  • It uses the famous PS4 wide-angle camera view which makes it such a joy to play on your smartphone.

Requirements to Download FIFA 20 MOD APK

This FIFA 20 MOD APK is not your regular modded game. Before you can download it, there are certain requirements you must meet.

Also, this game is not available on the Google play store as it is the modded version of the original Apk.

Below you will find certain requirements to be met before going ahead to download this game.

  • You must have enough storage space on your smartphone to download this game. The MOD APK file size is 63.3MB while the OBB Data is 1.04GB. In all, you need to have a free storage space of at least 1.5GB, so your device won’t start hanging after downloading this game.
  • As you can see the total file size is huge, so ensure you have a good and stable internet connection to have a fast and swift download.
  • While downloading, do not multitask on your device. This will allow the download process to be fast and ensure it doesn’t get corrupted in the process.
  • We recommend you use a good and well-known browser to download this game. Browsers like Chrome, UC Web e.t.c.

How to Download FIFA 20 MOD APK

Follow the links below to download the FIFA 20 MOD APK and OBB Data;

Download the FIFA 20 Data (63.3MB)

Download OBB (910.29MB)

Download FIFA 20 MOD APK (45.27MB)

How to Install FIFA 20 MOD APK for Android

By now you must have finished downloading the FIFA 20 MOD APK, OBB data and FIFA 20 Data files from the links provided above. Let’s show you how to install and start playing the game you love.

  • You’ll need to download ZArchiver to unzip the downloaded files. If you already have ZArchiver or any reputable app for unzipping files, you can proceed.
  • After unzipping the files, extract the OBB file and move it to a folder named “OBB” in your file manager.
  • Now extract the FIFA 20 data file and move it to a folder named “Data” in your file manager.
  • Install the FIFA 20 MOD APK file. Once it is complete, go to your app drawer and launch the app. Start playing the game you love.

This is everything you need to know on FIFA 20 MOD APK + OBB Data Download for Android. Note that we are not in support of downloading MOD APK apps or games. It is totally illegal and we advise you to download the game from your phone’s app store.

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