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How to make money on Opera News Hub

Have you heard about making money using Opera News hub? In this article, we will discuss what it takes to make money on Opera

Opera presents a unique opportunity to make as much as 200,000 naira writing and publishing news on Opera News Hub. The good part is that you do not have to own a website.

Whether you are a beginner blogger or a seasoned veteran, this unique opportunity comes courtesy of Opera Inc. is one you should overlook.

On the Opera News Hub, you need to write an article, publish, and be paid for it. It is so easy.

Why use Opera News Hub?

Opera boasts of over 163 million users globally. Therefore, you have lots of fantastic opportunities to make cool cash.

Secondly, Opera presents a unique opportunity to discover your niche as a social influencer or even promote your own blog. With a unique advantage, you can reach thousands of viewers without paying for ads. Readers are already signed up. You only have to create, share, earn – without fuss.

How do I join the Opera News Hub

  • First, you need to go to the page https://hub.opera.com
  • Next, login using your Facebook account
  • Now, wait for approval from Opera
  • Next: Build your Opera profile
    • Add photo
    • Pick your desired name
    • Enter a description
    • Select your interests
  • Now, wait for your account to be reviewed (you may also have to write an online test).

How to effectively use the Opera News Hub

Opera has two categories of writers:

  1. Signed Writers
  2. Unsigned writers

Signed writers:

Signed writers are social influencers who already have authority in their field. Therefore, they have an exclusive contract with Opera. These writers, fall into the following opera news hub ranks:

  • S
  • A
  • B+
  • B
  • C
  • D

Unsigned writers

Unsigned writers have no exclusive contract with Opera. That is where you and I fall. You do not have a specific limit on how much you can earn with your articles. Usually, the unsigned belong to the “N” category. However, that might change if you are creating credible content all the time.

Although Opera already has millions of viewers, you need to treat it as you would treat a website. That means you must:

  • Be niche-specific
  • Promote, promote, promote
  • Work on your rank


The interests you picked when opening your account affects your earnings. Opera uses Artificial Intelligence to get your posts in front of people looking for news in that category. Therefore, if you picked business and decide to blog on politics, it will not work out.


Secondly, you need to grow your fan base. Therefore, you must ensure that everyone who clicks on a single post keeps returning to your future posts. Regardless of the length of your post, your fan base is the sole reason you earn more. Therefore, you must share on all your social media pages. Nevertheless, bear in mind that your earnings will also depend on the number of friends you have on your list. So start making more friends on your social pages.


Lots of wannabe bloggers are climbing on the Opera News Hub gun. However, because of the competition, you should really use Opera as a supplement to your existing blog. With that guarantee, you can make lots of money and build your fan base as a two-way street. However, you must never cut and paste the content you have used elsewhere.

Therefore, you should focus on creating relevant and credible content. A word of caution – if you want to focus on breaking news content, make sure you post as early as possible.

What you cannot do on Opera News Hub

Opera News hub rejects thousands of posts daily. Therefore, you must keep to the following rules;

  1. Never use capital letters in your headline


The right ways are;

  • How to make a blog
  • How To Make A Blog
  • Avoid using click baits or false headlines

Be true to your posts at all times. Never mislead, or deceive with confusing headlines just to get clicks.

  • Never use a full stop in your headlines
  • Never post, vulgar, uncomfortable, disgusting or pornographic contents
  • Avoid posting contents attacking or abusing others
  • Never publish content with grammar errors in post or headlines
  • Never post outdated content for fake news
  • Avoid plagiarism at all costs
  • Use breaking news sparingly as your content might come late and be rejected. In fact, you should only use breaking news if you already have a reputation. It’s hard to beat the status quo when just starting out

Please note:

Generally, making N200, 000 demands up to 500,000 clicks from 10,000 clicks on different posts. Alternatively, you can simply aim at writing 12 articles every month with 10,000k views. This brings you to the fact that consistency is vital.

If you are willing to work 12 to 48 hours every week on relevant and credible articles, then you will receive your just rewards.

How do I get paid on Opera News Hub

Opera will pay you N360 for every 10,000 clicks. Bear in mind that even if you get three million impressions and only a few clicks, Opera is not paying a dime. In addition, the N360 for every N10, 000 clicks are on a single post. That said, it might take a few weeks or months to begin making a decent income. However, once you get the right rhythm, everything falls into place.

How do I withdraw from Opera News Hub

You can only withdraw your earnings once it gets to 5000 Naira. Payments are handled every 15th of each month for your previous month’s income. However, your payments might be delayed by a few days if you want them to transfer to your actual processing bank account. The fastest route is to your Opay, account.

How to contact Opera Support Center?

Yup, Opera also has dedicated support if you have problems with your account. You can connect them on Facebook @OperaNewHub or Twitter@OperaHubSupport. You will receive answers to your questions immediately from Opera fans or Opera support representatives within minutes.

Besides your average earnings, Opera also holds contests from time to time. You can earn as much as $100 through these contests, which boosts your profits tremendously.

Opera has a unique base already, so there is no reason why you cannot make money on Opera News Hub.

Now, you know how to become an Opera News writer, join the opera news hub today and start earning! However, if you also have questions, hit me up by commenting below. I am available to help you right away.

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