Nigeria needs 400Bn for COVID-19 Vaccines, Minister of Health Says


In a briefing, yesterday, December 22, the Minister of health disclosed that Nigeria would need a whopping sum of N400 Billion to vaccinate Nigerians.

He said this amount will allow the vaccination of at least 70 percent of Nigerians.

Yesterday, Tuesday, December 22, the Minister of Health in a briefing with the Senate leadership in Abuja disclosed that the federal government will require about N400 billion to purchase COVID-19 vaccines.

The Minister of Healt, Osagie Ehanire further stated that the Federa Government of Nigeria is reader to purchase COVID-19 vaccines to save th lives of Nigerians. However, according to the minister about N400 Billion will be needed to make those purchases, to reach at least 70 percent of Nigerians. He further stated that with Nigerian’s population of over 200 million people, that amount will be handled at $8 per person.

Ehanire stated that N156 Billion will be required in 2021, whilre the remaining N200 Billion will be used for 2022 vaccinations. He also made the statement that the COVID-19 vaccines could be stored in the same storage facilities (cold chains), that was used to store polio vaccines.

In reply to the statements made by Ehanire, the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan expressed lack of confidence in the Federal Ministry of Health foto effectively store and distribute the COVID-19 vaccines as soon as they reach the country.

He also said that the Ministry of Health would need to do a lot more, to show that they are capable of handling the task. However, he also stated that the National Assembly is ready to provide support funding for the COVID-19 vaccines.

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