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Simple ways to check driver plate number in Nigeria

Have you ever had questions like how to run a plate number? Would you like to check any driver plate number in Nigeria? Here are simple steps to do so.

No one likes to be in a situation where finding the driver to another vehicle becomes a problem. However, you must prepare for those scenarios because no matter how you stick to traffic rules and obey safety laws, there is always a mad driver around. 


Many people lack common sense about how to travel properly even if they have attended a comprehensive driving training course.

Therefore, the best way to make sure that they bear the consequences of their actions after fleeing the scene is by checking their driver plate number.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about how to check a driver plate number in Nigeria.

How to check driver plate number in Nigeria

Primarily, you must realize your limits when checking a driver plate number in Nigeria. If you wish to simply, verify whether the driver plate number is fake or original you can do that on your own.

However, if you want to find the owner of a driver plate number, you are not legally allowed to access such information. Even if there is an emergency, you must contact the appropriate officials to do so. Nevertheless, if you work at the Federal Road Safety Corps, it should be your duty.

Checking for owners information

Before we talk about how to verify the authenticity of a plate number, let us talk about how to check the driver plate number in Nigeria. Follow the steps below to find those details.

1.     Go to the nearest police station

Report your case to the nearest police station. Remember to explain the details of your situation clearly. Provide details about why you need to find the owner of that vehicle. Next, give them the plate number and they will handle the rest.

2.     Provide additional information and receive authorization

Try to provide as many details as possible including details about the model and age of the vehicle, so they can quickly track the information.

Ask the police for a document that allows you to have a right to find personal details. Without that document, you cannot persuade the FRSC to support your task.

3.     Go to the FRSC

Now, you have the document, you can visit the Federal Road Safety Corps. Present your police document alongside full details of why you want to access the information. Be careful to make ensure that your reasons have not changed since you last visited the police station.

The FRSC will verify the information on the police document with the words you are altering. If the FRSC Is convinced, they will provide details about the owner of the vehicle including the address, owner’s name, ID card number, vehicle type and many more.

How to check driver plate number if it is fake or original

On your own, you can confirm whether the plate number you memorized is fake or original. You should probably use this step first before you visit the Police Station to avoid wasting your time with a fake plate number.  It might seem surprising to you, but research carried out between Lagos and Abuja revealed that 4 out of 10 cars on the Lagos and Abuja roads are fake.

Here are the steps to check whether the driver plate number is fake or original:

  1. Visit the FRSC number plate verification – (current address as of 2019).
  2. Enter the number plate in the box, make sure you leave no space between numbers
  3. Cross-check the number and press “verify”
  4. The system will return with a result that ascertains whether the number is fake or authentic


You can only check newer plate numbers on this platform. The exercise is therefore valid for plate numbers with the format ABC123AB and not AB123ABC.

You can also begin your new vehicle registration or revalidate your existing registration on this website as well.  

Other reasons to check driver plate number in nigeria

There have been cases of going to get a plate number and becoming a victim of fake agents. If you want to go for a tinted permit, then you must make sure you have an original plate number before you visit their offices. The FRSC does not look kindly on individuals spotting fake plate numbers.

How to check the plate number in Lagos

If the car seems to be registered in Lagos, then you can enjoy access to a more sophisticated checking platform.  The Lagos State Government has a dedicated website for those affairs.

Here you will not only find whether the plate number is original or fake but the car type, chassis and when the registration will expire. However, the owner’s sensitive information is also not available to the public. To find the driver plate number here, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the vehicle plate number without space
  3. Press, “search”.

How to check driver plate number in nigeria via SMS

If you cannot access internet connectivity, there is a faster way to verify the driver number plate via SMS. This method is less stressful and does not require airtime to use. All you need do is:

  • Send an SMS, verifyplateno(Car Plate Number) to 33324. For example – verifyplateno ABC123AB to 33324

Concluding thoughts

Whenever you need to verify the driver number plate in Nigeria, these are the simple ways to do so. If you want to get your tinted permit done, make sure you verify your plate number before approaching the authorities.

Use the FRSC website, SMS or the Lagos state dedicated website to check the plate number. However, if you are looking for sensitive information, such as the name and address of the owner of the vehicle, you must visit the police first before going to the FRSC office. Now you can easily check a driver number plate in Nigeria without fuss.

Before you go, please send us a comment about the most hilarious driving stunts you’ve seen on Nigerian roads. We would love to hear from you.

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