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Stella Dimiko korkus biography, blog, Net worth and husband Name

Check this article for information about the sdk blog, Stella Dimiko korkus biography, family and Networth.

Who is Stella Dimiko korkus?

Stella Dimko korkus is one of the fearless and most dreaded gossip journalists in Nigeria is also one of the most organized and creative bloggers we have ever seen.

She is popularly known for her blog SDK (Stella Dimiko korkus) blog that is focused on different subjects including celebrity gist’s, news, entertainment and most especially articles from her blog visitors about their experience in different aspects of their lives according to her blog’s tags.

Stella Dimiko korkus Biography

A lot of information about her childhood is not really made public. The little we know is that Stella Dimiko Korkus was born August 22nd in Lagos State Nigeria and did her early schoolings there in the state.

Later she went to the University of Benin to further her studies in Linguistics having English as a major. While in the university she faced challenges with sexual victimization, and this affected her grades as she graduated with a third class from her department, yet this did not affect her dreams.

She looked for jobs in mass communication when she couldn’t find any; she then picked the available offer which was a writing job for a magazine company. She worked for the Magazine hint and the Encomium, and these early days of writing gave her advantage for her future dreams.

She received a Nigerian entrepreneur’s award for the best online blog of the year, this was because of her outstanding blog, and she has been able to keep this legacy in her blog over the years. 

She resides in Germany now with her husband since 2004 and controls her blogging business from there.

Stella Dimiko Korkus blog

Stella’s journey into blogging began when she saw a copy of adverts for writers. She then went for the interview. She was selected for the job and then kept the loyalty and love for writing since those early days.

In her days as a journalist for the magazines she wrote for, she learned the experience in journalism, and then passed through the challenges, which made her so strong for her present business in blogging.

Her blog ( is one of the most organized in the history of blogging, this is because of the way she arranged all her blog posts into different columns with interesting stories and topics to fully satisfy those columns. Most of her contents are generated by her users followed by hundreds of comments follow those blog posts.

Columns on the SDK Blog

  • Chronicles of a blog visitor narrative: in this column, her blog visitors send her posts about certain issues in their lives, and then seek advice from her blog readers. She decides which post to make public and then her blog visitors’ comments on those posts.
  • LBR (Labour Room Drama): this is a column, which is created by Stella to give experiences and give hope to young women and mothers about childbirth and the labor room. There are some interesting pieces of stuff out there and the column receives many comments.
  • The Impressum column is her about us page, and it’s written in Germany. She must have been influenced by the German environment where she has been all these years.
  • IHN (In House News): is the commercial part of her blog that gives opportunities for ads to be run in her blog. This alone makes her blog very organized. So instead of Google ads’ littering her blog, which so many bloggers in the country does, she chooses to organize all her ads and commercials into this IHN (in house news) column of her blog.
  • Her spontaneous posts column is her quota for motivating her blog readers. She inspires with this section and builds the confidence of all her readers and blog visitors.  In this column, she gives posts about success, motivation. One other thing Stella does is to greet her blog visitors every morning and weekends also.

Other columns on her blog

  • The tales of a Libyan Returnee: this column covers a true-life story of a Nigerian woman who went to Libya and then had a horrifying experience while she was there. It gives hope and encouragement and then advice on security, dealing with foreigners and then comporting yourself in a strange land.
  • SnM Column: This single and mingle column of her blog that gives posts about relationships. This part of her blog deals with topics such as valentine, courtship, engagement and other topics that have to do with relationship matters. She also gets to receive posts from her blog readers about their experiences in relationship and life in general.
  • The WnG:  This is the wedding night gist session of her blog post, this column is really hot in the languages used here, and it has a lot of stories about the wedding night experience of her blog visitors. It is just for fun sake and some of her blog visitors who are young couples can learn from the experiences of others.

Stella Dimiko korkus App

Her blog has an app called the stella Dimiko korkus blog in the Google Playstore, which helps her blog visitors to stay updated with news from the different categories of her blog like politics, entertainment, technology, sports, gossip, business, economy and the world in general. Her App has gotten over 10,000 installs since its creation and has nice reviews, and this is a great achievement for an individual.

Her blog receives over 30, 000-web visitors each day. She has built this with her consistency and her hard work in getting every gist and information that can contribute to her blog.

The popularity of the SDK blog leaves some Nigerians with the rumour that she is in a rival with Linda Ikeji of the Lindaikeji blog. Although Stella clarifies this point saying that she is in a healthy rival with Linda and that, the two blogs can never be the same. They can never be the same according to her because she is a journalist while Linda is just a blogger, and this is seen in her organization and has played out over time in the success of her blog.

Stella Dimiko korkus Husband

She got married to Stephen Korkus in 2003, and since then has been in a lovely married relationship with him. The happy couples moved to Germany in 2004, and have since then resided in Germany.

She blogs from the shores of Germany and loves every bit of it. Her husband is also with her in the blogging business. He supports her with information and financial support.

Her husband is a businessperson and they have kids and children. Information about the children and family of Stella is not revealed to the public, but we know of her first son who made Stella develop the habit of waking up early in the morning by 5: 00 am and this has helped her in her blogging business.  

Stella Dimiko korkus Net worth

Stella Dimiko has revealed that she makes money from blogging. But no one can give the exact facts about her true net worth.

So there you have it, in-depth information about Stella Dimiko Korkus, her blog, her husband and then her lifestyle. She being an organized and amazing personality reflects this nature to her blog and helps produce one of the finest blogs in Nigeria.

She does this combined with the stress from the family life and also combined with all the critics and attacks she has gotten from her blogging business, and with the pace at which she is moving, she is not stopping anytime soon. 

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