Titanium TV APK Download for Free on Android


This article is about Titanium TV APK download for free on Android. This application is a perfect alternative for users searching for Terrarium TV on the internet. It is a video-based streaming platform where you get to watch your favourite movies and TV shows. This Titanium TV APK works on all devices running on the Android operating system. With this app, you no longer have to sit on your couch watching a show at the broadcasted time. In your free time, you get to watch it on Titanium TV for free. Another reason to download this particular APK is the premium features that come with it.

Features of Titanium TV

  • Compatibility: It works on every device running on Android 4.0 and above. Just download the APK file, install and start streaming your favourite TV shows.
  • Unlimited Contents: There are over 4,000 movies and TV shows on this platform. You literally won’t be able to watch them all.
  • User-Friendly Interface: It is important to have a clean and smooth interface. It becomes easier to find a movie or TV show. The library is well synchronized into categories.
  • Multilingual Support: This means you don’t have to restrict yourself to only the English language. You can watch anime with Japanese dub and English subtitle. Animes are more interesting watching in Japanese dub as oppose to English dub.

Requirements to Download Titanium TV APK

Before you begin the download process of Titanium TV, there are a few requirements that are needed;

  • Even though the APK file size is just 12.58MB, you still need enough storage space on your device to run the app smoothly without lag.
  • For fast and uninterrupted download, make sure you have a good and stable internet connection preferably a 4G LTE network.
  • Using a reputable browser like Google Chrome will ensure no hiccups as you download the APK file. A bad browser can corrupt the APK file while it is downloading.
  • When you’re downloading the Titanium TV APK, do not multitask at the same time on your device. Wait till the download is finished before doing anything else on your phone.

How to Download Titanium TV APK for Android

This streaming application is not available on Google play store. But not to worry, you can download Titanium TV APK for free on Android very easily. All you need to do is click on the download link below. The link will trigger the download page of your browser to pop-up on your screen.

Titanium TV APK (12.58MB)

How to Install Titanium TV APK for Android

After a successful download of the Titanium TV APK, we proceed to the installation phase. To install the downloaded APK file, follow the steps below;

  • Go to your phone’s Settings > Privacy and enable “unknown sources” before you begin installing. This will prevent your phone from stopping the installation of third-party apps amid security concerns.
  • Now go to your device’s file manager or the download tab on the browser you used to download it.
  • You’ll see the downloaded Titanium TV APK file on there. Click on it.
  • Give the necessary permission for the APK file to be installed in your device. The installation process takes less than two minutes.
  • Go to your app drawer and launch Titanium TV app.
  • Start enjoying a wide variety of movie and TV show contents during your leisure time.
  • Select your favourite category to watch and see the list of movies or TV shows available under it. Note that you can either stream online or download to watch offline.

This is all you need to know on Titanium TV APK for free on Android. It is a great streaming app for movies, series and TV shows. Considering the fact that every content on there is free to watch, I’d it is a must-have for Android users who love entertainment. Unlike some apps, this one doesn’t require registration or entering your personal information.

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