100 Brain Teaser Questions And Answers


Longing to know the 100 brain teaser questions and answers? This article got you covered with the best of them. So, relax as you read through!

brain teaser questions

Brain teaser questions are very helpful for both kids and adults. They are a good way to exercise your brain and it also keeps the brain alert and sharpened.

Learning these brain teaser questions and answers can also help keep you focused. In your family get together you can ask these brain teaser questions, to keep it lively.

Your critical thinking skills can be enhanced as you constantly indulge yourself with these brain teaser questions and answers.

So, get ready as we take through these challenging and interesting brain teaser questions and answers…

Brain Teaser Questions And Answers

  • I left my campsite and hiked south for 3 miles. Then I turned east and hiked for 3 miles. I then turned north and hiked for 3 miles, at which time I came upon a bear inside my tent eating my food! What color was the bear?

White, since the only place you can do that, is the North Pole and polar bears are the only kind of bears that live there.

  • What building has the most stories?

The library

  • What is black when it’s clean and white when it’s dirty?

A blackboard

  • An elevator is on the ground floor. There are four people in the elevator including me. When the lift reaches the first floor, one person gets out and three people get in. The lift goes up to the second floor, 2 people get out, 6 people get in. It then goes up to the next floor up, no-one gets out but 12 people get in. Halfway up to the next floor up the elevator cable snaps, it crashes to the floor. Everyone else dies in the elevator except me. How did I survive?

I got off on the first floor

  • If you drop me I’m sure to crack but smile at me and I’ll always smile back. What am I?

A mirror

  • A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him underwater for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be?

The woman was a photographer. She shot a picture of her husband, developed it, and hung it up to dry.

  • A man describes his daughters, saying, “They are all blonde, but two; all brunette but two; and all redheaded but two.” How many daughters does he have?

Three. A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead

  • What 4-letter word can be written forward, backward, or upside down, and can still be read from left to right?


  • What is special about these words: job, polish, herb?

They are pronounced differently when the first letter is capitalized.

  • I am taken from a mine, and shut up in a wooden case, from which I am never released, and yet I am used by almost everybody. What am I?

Pencil lead

  • A doctor and a bus driver are both in love with the same woman, an attractive girl named Sarah. The bus driver had to go on a long bus trip that would last a week. Before he left, he gave Sarah seven apples. Why?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

  • There is a word in the English language in which the first two letters signify a male, the first three letters signify a female, the first four signify a great man, and the whole world, a great woman. What is the word?


  • A man stands on one side of a river, his dog on the other. The man calls his dog, who immediately crosses the river without getting wet and without using a bridge or a boat. How did the dog do it?

The river was frozen

  • I can’t be bought, but I can be stolen with a glance. I’m worthless to one, but priceless to two. What am I?


  • What has many keys but can’t open a single lock?

A piano

  • What does this mean? I RIGHT I

Right between the eyes

  • Turn me on my side and I am everything. Cut me in half and I am nothing. What am I? 

The number 8

  • What has cities, but no houses; forests, but no trees; and water, but no fish?

A map

  • A red house is made from red bricks. A blue house is made from blue bricks. A yellow house is made from yellow bricks. What is a greenhouse made from? 


  • In my hand, I have two coins that are newly minted. Together, they total 30 cents. One isn’t a nickel. What are the coins? 

A quarter and a nickel

  • What is harder to catch the faster you run?

Your breath

  • How can 8 + 8 = 4?

When you think in terms of time. 8 AM + 8 hours= 4 o’clock.

  • You’re escaping a labyrinth and there are three exits. Exit A leads to an inferno. Exit B leads to an assassin. Exit C leads to a lion that hasn’t eaten in 3 years. Which exit do you pick? 

Exit C. If a lion hasn’t eaten in 3 years, it has starved to death.

  • What fastens two people yet touches only one?

A wedding ring

  • What kind of running means walking?

Running out of gas

  • What can be swallowed, but can also swallow you?


  • They fill me up and you empty me, almost every day; if you raise my arm, I work the opposite way. What am I?

A mailbox

  • Which three letters can frighten a thief away?


  • First I am dried, then I am wet. The longer I swim, the more taste you get. What am I? 


  • Lovely and round, I shine with pale light, grown in the darkness, A lady’s delight. What am I?

A pearl

  • My voice is tender, my waist is slender and I’m often invited to play. Yet wherever I go I must take my bow or else I have nothing to say. What am I?

A violin

  • I am a box that holds keys without locks, yet they can unlock your soul. What am I?

A piano

  • I have a big mouth and I am also quite loud! I am NOT a gossip but I do get involved with everyone’s dirty business. What am I?

A vacuum cleaner

  • I have four wings, but cannot fly, I never laugh and never cry; On the same spot, I’m always found, toiling away with little sound. What am I?

A windmill

  • What can be stolen, mistaken, or altered, yet never leaves you your entire life?

Your identity

  • Until I am measured, I am not known. Yet you miss me when I have flown. What am I?


  • Some try to hide, some try to cheat, but time will show, we always will meet. Try as you might, to guess my name, I promise you’ll know when you do claim. Who am I?


  • Four cars come to a four-way stop, all coming from a different direction. They can’t decide who got there first, so they all go forward at the same time. They do not crash into each other, but all four cars go. How is this possible?

They all made right-hand turns

  • Take one out and scratch my head, I am now black but once was red. What am I?

A match

  • I weaken all men for hours each day. I show you strange visions while you are away. I take you by night, by day take you back. None suffer to have me but do from my lack. What am I?


  • He has married many women but has never been married. Who is he?

A preacher

  • My life is often a volume of grief, your help is needed to turn a new leaf. Stiff is my spine and my body is pale, but I’m always ready to tell a tale. What am I?

A book

  • What do you throw out when you want to use it but take in when you don’t want to use it?

An anchor

  • I can be short and sometimes hot. When displayed, I rarely impress. What am I?


  • What can be driven although it doesn’t have wheels, sliced but stays whole?

A golf ball

  • The cost of making only the maker knows, Valueless if bought, but sometimes traded. A poor man may give one as easily as a king. When one is broken pain and deceit are assured. What is it?


  • What rocks but does not roll?

A rocking chair

  • Shoot at me a thousand times and I may still survive. But, one scratch from me and you will find your prospects dive. What am I?

An eight-ball

  • Why is the letter F like death?

Because without it life is a lie, or it makes life a lie.

  • You do not want to have it, But when you do have it, You do not want to lose it.  What is it?

A lawsuit

  • Is the capital of Kentucky pronounced Louisville or Luee-ville?

Neither. The capital is Frankfurt

  • What has no hands but might knock on your door, and if it does you better open up?


  • How far can a squirrel run into the woods?

Halfway. After that, he’s running back out of the woods.

  • Guess the next three letters in the series GTNTL.

I, T, S. The complete sequence is the first letter of every word in the sentence.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger has a long one. Michael J. Fox has a short one. Madonna does not use hers. Bill Clinton always uses his. The Pope never uses his. What is it?

Last name

  • The number 8,549,176,320 is unique. What is so special about it?

This is the only number that includes all the digits arranged in alphabetical order.

  • Find a number less than 100 that is increased by one-fifth of its value when its digits are reversed.

45 (1/5 of 45 = 9, 9 + 45 = 54)

  • What letter comes next in the following sequence? D R M F S L T_

D – each letter represents one note in the diatonic musical scale: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do

  • You are in a place called Wally’s World and there is only one law. There is a mirror, but no reflection. There is pizza with cheese, but not a sausage. There is pepper, but no salt. There is a door, yet no entrance or exit. What is the law?

Each word in Wally’s World must contain double letters.

  • I come in different shapes and sizes. Parts of me are curved, other parts are straight. You can put me anywhere you like, but there is only one right place for me. What am I?

A puzzle piece

  • I have no eyes, no legs, or ears, and I help move the earth. What am I?

An earthworm

  • A sundial has the fewest moving parts of any timepiece. Which has the most?

An hourglass, with thousands of grains of sand

  • What is unusual about the following words: revive, banana, grammar, voodoo, assess, potato, dresser, uneven?

Take the first letter of each word and place it at the end. It will spell the same word backward.

  • Where does today come before yesterday?

The dictionary

  • Put a coin into an empty bottle and insert a cork into the neck. How can you remove the coin without removing the cork or breaking the bottle?

Push the cork down into the bottle. Then shake the coin out.

  • In 1990, a person was 15 years old. In 1995, that same person was 10 years old. How can this be?

The person was born in 2005 B.C.

  • You’re standing in a hallway with three light switches on the wall, each of which turns on a different lamp inside a closed room. You can’t see inside the room, and you can’t open the door except to enter the room. You can enter the room only once, and when you do, all the lamps must be turned off. How can you tell which switch turns on which lamp?

Turn on the right switch and leave it on for two minutes. After two minutes, turn on the middle switch and leave it on for one minute. When that minute is up, turn off both switches and enter the room. One light bulb will be hot (1st switch) and one will be warm (2nd switch). The cold bulb will correspond to the switch you didn’t turn on.

  • Two boxers are in a match scheduled for 12 rounds. (Pure boxing only. There are no kicking or takedowns). One of the boxers gets knocked out after only six rounds, yet no man throws a punch. How is this possible?

Both the boxers were female

  • I have a large money box, 10 inches wide, and 5 inches tall.  Roughly how many coins can I place until my money box is no longer empty?

Just one, after which it will no longer be empty.

  • Brothers and sisters, I have none but this man’s father is my father’s son. Who is the man?

The man is my son

  • Who makes it, does not need it. Who buys it, has no use for it. Who uses it can neither see nor feel it. What is it?

A coffin

  • What runs all around a backyard, yet never moves?

A fence

  • What tastes better than it smells?

A tongue

  • What has a bottom at the top?


  • What goes through cities and fields, but never moves?

A road

  • I have branches, but no fruit, trunk, or leaves. What am I?

A bank

  • During which month do people sleep the least?

February (there are usually fewer nights in February).

  • What is made of water but if you put it into water it will die?

An ice cube

  • Which creature walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?

Man. He crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two feet as an adult, and then walks with a cane as an old man.

  • Take off my skin – I won’t cry, but you will! What am I?

An onion

  • A family has two parents and six sons. Each of the sons has one sister. How many people are in the family? 

Nine. Two parents, six sons, one daughter!

  • The water level in a reservoir is low but doubles every day. It takes 60 days to fill the reservoir. How long does it take for the reservoir to become half full?

59 days. If the water level doubles every day, the reservoir on any given day was half the size the day prior. If the reservoir is full-on day 60, that means it was half full on day 59, not on day 30.

  • What coat goes on wet? 

A coat of paint

  • Which word logically comes next in this sequence? Spots, tops, pots, opt…

Stop. All the words are anagrams of each other.

  • Which tire doesn’t move when a car turns right?

A spare tire

  • What do an island and the letter “t” have in common?

They are both in the middle of the water

  • On which side of a chicken are there more feathers?

The outside

  • How can a man who shaves several times a day still sport a long beard?

He’s a barber

  • A rancher had 500 cows and took one shot that got them all. How did he do it?

A panoramic photo

  • What can’t talk but will reply when spoken to?

An echo

  • What can you keep after giving to someone?

Your word

  • A man dies of old age on his 25 birthday. How is this possible?

He was born on February 29th

  • The more of this there is, the less you see. What is it?


  • What can’t be put in a saucepan?

Its lid

  • What can you hold in your left hand but not in your right?

Your right elbow

  • What is cut on a table, but is never eaten?

A deck of cards

  • What kind of band doesn’t play music?

A rubber band

  • No matter how little or how much you use me, you change me every month. What am I?

A calendar

  • It stalks the countryside with ears that can’t hear. What is it?


  • Top of Form
  • Bottom of Form
  • What are 3/7 chicken, 2/3 cat, and 2/4 goat?


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