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43 Cool Websites To Waste Time When You Are Bored


Want to enjoy cool websites for fun? Looking for websites with fun games? Or are you looking for websites with fun facts? Look no further than our very own list of cool websites to waste time when bored.

cool websites

They say all play and no work, makes Jack very dull. But what about spending all day at the office with no seeming end to the grinding job. You don’t have to keep up with that. Without stepping away from your desk, you can spare at least a few minutes on these websites to get your mind in the game.
Or better still, if you are having a really boring alone time, dive right in and get lost in the sea of these fantastically cool websites.

Cool websites

  1. Waitbutwhy – check out this website for hilarious, and informative articles from a guy named  Tim Urban. You can kill lots of time getting lost in here. He rights on everything from religion to relationships, cooking and lots more.
  2. The Oatmeal – Another cool website to hang out is the oatmeal. Get inspired by the huge library of comics, books and lots of graphics. The stuff here can be read over and over again and you won’t ever get tired of them.
  3. Xkcd:  Still in for a burst of humor? The xkcd website shares comic strips on humor about relationships, mathematics, science, and technology. Randall Munroe, who worked on robots at NASA, founded it.

Therapeutic websites

  1. Supercook – Type in the only ingredients you have at home and receive insights on the quick meals you can prepare. It’s perfect when you don’t want to spend time killing yourself over your next meal.
  2. Apartment Therapy – Do you have time to tweak around your apartment with no ideas on how to begin, here’s the perfect go-to website. Check right in and redo your pantry, kitchen right down to a complete makeover, if you are game.

Fun websites

  1. LEGO Videos: If you’re crazy about LEGO movies, check this cool website out for more fun video series across all our favorite movies including Scooby-Doo, Harry Potter, etc.
  2. Buzzfeed: If you don’t already know about BuzzFeed, then you surely live on the clouds. But just to be safe, check them out and thank me later. Buzzfeed is all about entertainment on the rocks with topics others won’t dare to talk about.
  3. The Onion – This is one of the best cool websites to enjoy. They’ve been around since the 1980s and have successfully continued to release humor-filled articles you won’t want to miss.

Fun Sounds

  • A Soft Murmur – Too distracted to work? Get your hand back in the game with this cool website. You can download the app on IOS or play store and delight your ears with soft nature sounds of fire, winds, waves, thunder, and rain to boost your focus.
  • Cracked – This cool website is all about everything from personal experiences to little signs about what everyone is thinking about. Check out Cracked for the most ridiculous online magazines on the planet.
  • Learn Music – Instead of listening to music, you can learn how to play a tune online.
  • Rainy Mood – Do you love the sound of rain? Then study or sleep to it by downloading the Android or IOS versions on your mobile phone.

Websites for a short, fun and sweet time

  1. This is my Website Now – Check out this cool website for an amazing collection of games to pass the time. It’s a lovely website for short bursts of fun.
  2. I Waste So much time – No long articles, just embedded texts, and funny pictures to have lots of fun. This is your go-to website for short breaks between deadlines. Just set the timer, so you won’t get carried away.
  3. Attack of the Cute – Do you love cute animals? This is a cool website to find the sweetest pictures of different animals.

websites for fun

  1. Open Puppies – Looking for another website to express your animal love? Check this one for small videos and GIFS about adorable puppies and dogs.
  2. Pixel Thoughts – Do you want to diffuse tension from your body? Try meditation using Pixel Thoughts. You will be amazed how relaxed you will feel after just sixty seconds.
  3. – For the next 20 minutes, weave symmetrical silk likes into fascinating pictures. Share or save the ones of your life.
websites with fun
  • Invisible Cow – Spend the next 10 minutes trying to find the invisible cow on your screen and I can assure you, it won’t be anywhere you think.

Websites for deep boredoms

  1. Unplug The TV – If you want something good but remain at the mercy of the websites you visit, check out Unplug the TV. They have a single video window, where you view anything that plays. You cannot select but you can skip a video if you don’t like it.
  2. Flash by Night – It’s all about fun, short and interactive games you won’t want to miss.
  3. Codecademy –  If you have lots of time in your hands, you can also learn how to code. It can be fun and mind-blogging. Just the thing to keep your mind alert.
  4. Open Culture – Learn more about the history of cultures around you to get rid of boredom. Open Culture Is about everything in the world from a historical perspective.

More websites for fun

  1. Nautilus – Here’s to a cool website that’s all about in-depth articles on all kinds of topics in science, autobiography, history, and psychology.
  2. Akinator – Go and see the genie to pick a character, through a series of questions and find the name. It is perfect for a long and cool step away from your daily troubles.
  3. Pokemon website – If you’ve ever heard of the Pokemon battle, then here’s your chance to enjoy that game. Play online or install on windows and enjoy.
  4. Duolingo – Learn a new language in your spare time and love every minute

Productive websites

  1. Big Think – Big Think is one of the best cool websites about ideas and insights from successful people in the world. You will learn from their mistakes,  and how they became successful.
  2. Pottermore websites – check this one out if you want to brand your business but don’t know how to get started. Here you unlock your wizardry to brand both yourself and business with deep and insightful questions about your identity.
  3. The Toast – Are you into fiction writing, then check out the toast where everyday writers Nicole and Mallory spins great tales out of everything.
  4. HowStuffWorks – Here’s to everything you need, I mean everything. Don’t be fooled by their categories. You can check everything from how airbags work to how to use a hot air balloon or even how to get your beauty sleep.

More productivity

  1. Lifehacker – Lifehacker is one of the cool websites with lots of downloads, tricks, and tips. It’s all about the stuff no-one else will teach you about saving, clear ways to use your items, and many more.
  2. GIPHY – If you own a website, then you must have realized that people love GIFs more than everything else. Create yours or check out their enormous categories and don’t forget to have fun doing it.
  3. Uncrate – As a guy, shopping can be a chore sometimes, but not on Uncrate. Uncrate features over 9,000 products just from guys from Bluetooth earbuds to vintage socks.
  4. Habitca – Transform your habits into little games and get motivated to become better in easy steps.
  5. Addictive tips: With only a few minutes to space, you can learn all kinds of things to improve your productivity.

Information websites

  1. Mental Floss – Tired of other half baked news tidbits, mental flows features in-depth, well-researched articles on the weirdest of topics. My favorite is “why yawns are contagious”. If you are lucky, you will get to submit your own big question and have them talk about it.
  2. Mix – With Mix, you can create a reader profile, share articles, photos and videos you discover from your personal mix. You simply decide the kind of things you want to enjoy and Mix will bring it to your doorsteps (or smart screen).
  3. – Want to learn about astronomy and space without feeling lost in an overwhelming sea of words, you don’t know existed? knows how to make learning about space and solar system fun.
cool websites

More Informational cool websites

  1. Google Maps Street View – Want to understand what happens in the streets you’ve never visited? Use Google Maps. Pick a location, zoom in and view any street you want. Don’t limit your imaginations, you can also check out the sees because they’ve got underwater cameras too.
  2. Wayback Machine – Want to find out how the websites looked like in the 2000s, dive into the Internet’s Archive Wayback Machine.
  3. Oregon Trail – Checked out the Wayback Machine? Then you can also check this game out right there. There are also other games available in the archive including “ The Lion King”, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, “Duke Nukem”, “Street Fighter”, “Burger Blaster”.
  4. Wikipedia – is the Internet’s encyclopedia about everything. Look up anything and enjoy your time reading and filling up with information. If you also find an article, you don’t feel was written properly, you can pitch in an edit, but please follow their guidelines. And don’t forget to make donations for their honest work!

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