ABSA Online Banking Login And How To Register


ABSA Online Banking

Basically, the process involved in registering for ABSA online banking is quick simple, and straightforward. Start by visiting their website on either your phone browser or computer. For the best experience, we advise you to access their online platform through either Google Chrome, Opera Mini, or Firefox. On getting to the landing page, click login at the top right corner of the page and then click on the register button.

You will be required to enter your personal details, followed by the Captcha code displayed on the page, and click on next. A new page will pop up requesting you to enter your ATM card number as well as the PIN, then click the next.

Enter the account that you want to be charged and input your email address. Carefully read through and accept the terms and conditions or the client agreement and then click on next.

After reading and accepting the terms and conditions, select a strong five-digit pin, confirm the selected pin and click on register.

Respond to the confirmation message and you have successfully become a registered user of Absa online banking.

Registering Via ABSA Seychelles Mobile App

Registering through the mobile App system requires you to first download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store on your mobile device.

Install the app and open it on your mobile phone. Click on the register button and then input your personal details and click on next.

A request will be made for you to key in your banking details and tap next. After this stage, you will receive a one-time pin via SMS, requesting you to enter the one-time pin sent to you on the platform.

Lastly, you will need to create an online banking username and password, then you can start banking easily via the app.

Finally, a confirmation screen that indicates a successful registration will appear.

To Register For ABSA Cell-Phone Banking

Dial the ABSA cell-phone banking code *120*2272# on your mobile phone to start your registration, select option 1, and click on send to proceed.

Read through the terms and conditions for the agreement, then select option 1 to accept, and click send.

The next required thing is to input your South Africa identification number or your passport number, then tap send. A request will be made to choose and key in a strong five-digit PIN. Finally, tap the send button. Once all this is done, you have successfully registered for online banking.


ABSA Login For First Time User

To log in through the website for the first time, on the landing page, click on login at the top right corner of the page, you enter your access account number and enter your online 5-digit pin that was generated during the registration process.

Verify the user number, then click next, set up your password, and tap the login button.

You will automatically land on the ABSA main account page and from there you can start performing some banking transactions at your own convenience.

To secure your banking online, you can do a pin reset by following this guideline:

  • On the landing page, click on login on the right corner of the page.
  • Click on the reset pin option, then enter your user number and the displayed code on your screen, click on next.
  • You will receive a request for verification on your phone, enter the passcode and click on scan to accept.
  • Tick on the checkbox to verify your facial identity, select scan my face and allow access to your phone camera.
  • Look at your phone screen directly for easy scanning and follow the other requirement.
  • Enter a new 5 digit PIN to reset your PIN and confirm it again.
  • Tap done after being informed of your successful pin change.

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