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Airtel Nigeria Customer Care Number and How to contact them


Airtel Nigeria is one of the leading telecommunications operators in the country. They currently serve over 30 million subscribers and the number is growing exponentially. The company has come up with various methods in which its users can get in touch with a customer care representative. If you’ve been using this network for a while now, am sure there are times you needed to speak with a representative about one matter or the other. Maybe to make an enquiry about an existing offer, or to ask about their subscription packages.

Those various methods are what we will be discussing in this article. Customer care services like this are readily available 24-hours of every day. But some methods can take longer to get to your turn than others. So, it’s advisable to filter through and pick the one that suits you most.

Airtel Nigeria Customer Care Phone Number

You can speak to a customer care representative through the phone number method. The call is toll-free, and you won’t be charged even if you talk for 24 hours. Dial 111 or 121 if you’re calling from an Airtel line. But if you’re calling from another network, Dial 08021500111 or 08021500121. And in case you are not in the country presently, you can still reach Airtel Nigeria by dialling +234802150 0111 or +2348021500121. Whichever number you dial, you’ll be greeted by a voice-over programme. Just follow the instructions and hit the number that suits your query or request until it transfers you to a representative. Unlike most network providers, Airtel Nigeria is always fast in picking up your calls.

Airtel Nigeria Customer Care Email Address

The email address support is also another good method of contacting Airtel Nigeria. Send your request, complaint or enquiry to and wait for their swift reply. It usually doesn’t take more than 24-hours before you get a reply for them. But in case you can wait for up to 24-hours, we suggest you try out other available methods.

Airtel Nigeria Customer Care Offices

Airtel Nigeria has offices in virtually every states in the country. If you like this method, just visit their website and browse through their list of offices. Pick your state and the office nearest to you and stop by there. Every of their office has a customer care representative team ready to attend to your needs on working days.

Airtel Nigeria Customer Care on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

You can also reach out to Airtel Nigeria on popular social media platform; Facebook and Twitter. Reach out to them on Twitter @airtel_care, which is their official customer care service handle. You can also follow @AirtelNigeria for information about their services. Follow their official Facebook page @AirtelNigeria to send your request, complaint, request or stay in touch on their promotional offers. While on Instagram, follow @AirtelNigeria and comment on your complaints or enquiries.

Airtel Nigeria Customer Care Feedback Form

Feedback form is an alternative method of contacting Airtel Nigeria. If you need any help with their product or service, simply fill the feedback form on their website and send it. The form comes with a 1000 characters section where you’ll require to input your incident and how it happened.

Airtel Nigeria Customer Care Post Office

Want to write and send a physical letter to Airtel Nigeria? That’s good cause Airtel Nigeria got you covered. All you have to do is to take your letter to the nearest post office and send it to the address below;

Plot L2 Banana Island, Foreshore Estate, Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria.

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