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Atari Breakout Games For Laptop, iPhone And Android

Are you interested in atari Breakout games for laptops, iPhones, and Android? Are you a fan of arcade games and looking for crazy and classic ones? Well, you should read about Breakout. This is an arcade game developed and published in 1976 by Atari Inc.

The goal of the game is to destroy layers of bricks lines by repeatedly bouncing a ball off a paddle into them. The video game industry is one of the many industries that embrace nostalgia. There is still space in the heart of core gamers for older and classic games, despite how technologically advanced the world is today.

What is Atari Breakout?

Atari Breakout is a version of the original Pong built on the premise and adds to it in various ways. The game is about a simple bat and ball game. The player controls a horizontal bat at the bottom of the screen and a ball bounces in the centre. Then there are rows of bricks at the top of the screen. The goal of the game is to keep the ball bouncing in play and rebound it off all the bricks. The player is awarded points anytime they successfully hit bricks with the ball. The gameplay increases in speed as the player destroys more bricks.

Atari Breakout Development

Atari Breakout was originally released in black and white and did amazingly well in the world of arcades. To spice it up, the developer put coloured plastic under the screen to add the brick colours. Later on, the game was ported to the Atari 2600 and Atari 5200 consoles. At the time, a newer version called Super Breakout was released and made available across most game consoles in the world. The first version to adopt 3D graphics was Breakout 2000 and it was released for Atari Jaguar. The version features powerups and different types of bricks for more challenging gameplay.

Hasbro Interactive later released a PC version while Sony licensed a version for their original PlayStation console. For mobile users, a version was developed called Breakout Boost and is somewhat similar to the PC version. There have been hundreds of clones of the game, some end up being good while others were bad.

Atari Breakout Games for iPhone

Atari Breakout is available in the form of Breakout Boost and Super Breakout. The Breakout Boost is the mobile version that is available for iPhone, iPad Touch, and iPad. The version is available for free directly from Atari. The game is somewhat similar to Breakout but has different brick types, powerups, and overall much better graphics. They also added acid, fire, spitting, and grenade ball powerups.

You can download Breakout Boost for free from the Apple app store.

Atari Breakout Games for Laptop

Super Breakout game is available to play on the browser at the Atari Arcade official website

There are three versions on the site and they do slightly different things. Ignore the advert at the beginning of each version trying to convince you to use Internet Explorer. Super Breakout features graphical and sound upgrades over the original version.

And if you don’t want to play the game on the Atari website, you can download it onto your laptop from a third party. Many sites offer Breakout for download, two of them are Speed-New game and GameTop

Atari Breakout Games for Android

There are lots of Atari Breakout games for Google available on the Google Play store Search for “Atari Breakout” on the store, read reviews and choose a version that you’re happy with. Each clone offer graphics with slight variations of the theme but the gameplay remains the same. Live game can be played here-

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