Aviation Schools in Nigeria

Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria

You need a school that gives meticulous training and teaching. In this article, we will list the best aviation schools in Nigeria.

To build your career as a Pilot, you need a solid foundation. In this post, we will talk about the five best accredited Nigerian Aviation schools.

1. Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS)

The Dhaewood Aviation Business School is an excellent aviation school. It is privately owned and was founded in 2005. DABS is one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria.

They have more than 34 other courses aside from their 44 base aviation course. DABS has one of the best tutors in the world alongside a wide range of equipment.

Their aviation courses can cost you up to 7 million Naira. The courses may range from 3 months up to 2 years.

DABS Aviation Training Courses

  • Airline Studies
  • Shipping, Ports & Maritime
  • Piloting
  • Airline Customer Service
  • Aeronautics
  • Airline Call center Course
  • Aircraft Engineering
  • Cabin Crew
  • Aviation Travel
  • Ticketing/Reservation
  • Airline Operation Management
  • Transport Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Airline Ground Operation Management

How to DABS Contact: 

  • 30, Lagos/Abeokuta Expressway
  • Cement Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • phone: +2348026272323
  • Email : info@dhaewoodgroup.com
  • website: www.dhaewoodgroup.com

2. University School of Aviation

The University School of Aviation was founded to provide an excellent environment for staffs of the Aviation industry.

They also have lots of connections with international and domestic airlines. Once you graduate, you won’t have to find a job. Their aviation course fees can range from N50,000 – N7,000,000

University School of Aviation Courses.

  • Hotel Management
  • FIATA/IATA Training
  • Electronic Booking Tools
  • Flight Attendant
  • Travel and Tourism Management
  • Air Ticketing and Reservation. 

How to contact the Universal School of Aviation.

  • 93, Isolo-Egbe Road, Ori-Oke Bus/Stop, 
  • Ejigbo, Lagos, Nigeria. 
  • phone: +23480-5584-9779, 070630028300
  • Email: info@universalschoolofaviation.com.ng
  • Website: www.universalschoolofaviation.com.ng

3. Landover Aviation Business School (LABS)

You can also enjoy excellent training at the Landover Aviation Business school.

They have three main faculties including Faculty of Aviation and Management Operations, Faculty of Aviation Technical and Aviation Operations as well as Faculty of Travel and Tourism.

Their aviation courses range from N75,000 up to N230,000 ( and beyond). LABS was founded in 2002

LABS Aviation Courses

  • Basic Flight Operations Officers’ Course
  • Basic Helicopter Landing Officers’ Course
  • Radio Telephony
  • Passenger Handling Programme
  • Basic Airside Safety
  • Customer Service
  • Basic Flight Dispatcher’s Course
  • Advanced Flight Dispatcher’s Course
  • International Air Transport Association
  • Ticketing Programmes
  • Basic Airfares
  • Faculty of Aviation Technical and Aviation Operations. 

How to contact Landover Aviation Busines Schoool

  • Landover Company Limited
  • 17 Simbiat Abiola Rd,Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria
  • Phone: 234 (1) 4607450 – 59 Fax: 234 (1) 4607462
  • Email : admin@landover.aero
  • website: www.landover.aero

4. International Aviation College

International Aviation College is one of the top aviation school in the country.

It was the first privately-owned aviation college in Nigeria. Established in Kwara State, you can gain excellent training in various aviation specialization. Their main course is the Pilot Training which costs as much as N7,000,000. The training will last between 8 weeks to 2 years.

IAC Aviation Courses

  • Pilot training
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • Leadership and Team Building in Aviation
  • ICAO English – Rating & Teaching
  • Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Flight Dispatcher Training
  • Radio Telephony Training
  • Threat & Errror Management (TEM

How to contact the International Aviation College.

International Aviation College, Ilorin 
Phone: +234-814-166-9545, +234-805-448-5424
E-mail: info@iac.com.ng
Website: www.iac.com.ng

5. Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT)

NCAT was established in 1964 and is one of the oldest. It is located in Zaira Kaduna State.

They have a mutual relationship with domestic airlines in Nigeria, so you won’t have troubles finding a job after your graduation.

Your course fees may range from N66,000 – N7,500,000.  You may spend between 1 to 65 weeks running your Aviation course. 

NCAT Avaition Training Courses

  • Flying School Courses
  • Aviation Management Courses
  • Air Traffic Services/ Communication Courses
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses
  • Aeronautical Telecommunications Engineering Courses
  • Airport Emergency Procedures Course 
  • Safety Management for Aviation Practitioners (SMTxP) 
  • Training Managers Course 
  • Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel Course (ATSEP- Basic) 
  • ATSEP Communication Equipment Maintenance Course 
  • Training Instructor Course (TIC) 
  • Training Developer Course (TDC) 
  • ATSEP Navigation Equipment Maintenance Course 
  • ATSEP Surveillance Equipment Maintenance Course
  • ATSEP Power and Facility Equipment Maintenance Course

How to contact NCAT

Nigerian College of Aviation Technology.
Zaria Kaduna
Phone: +2347018741431

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