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Best Girls And Boys Whatsapp Group Link To Join In Nigeria

Bored? Here are amazing best girls and boys Whatsapp groups link to join in Nigeria. Spark up your day. Let’s get you started.

Getting bored with chatting with the same set of people on your contact list and talking about the same old gists?

Do you want to go all out, join WhatsApp groups and interact with people from all walks of life and share more ideas, pictures, videos, and all those super amazing stuff young people do on Whatsapp?

Or, are you looking for great Whatsapp groups but still confused about which link to “click and join”?…

Then sweetie, look no further as I bring you super exciting and only the best Whatsapp group link you can join in Nigeria and relate with so many people and discuss or share interesting ideas.

These links I am about to list out would redirect you to mind-blowing Whatsapp groups that would keep you excited and intrigued all day long…you might want to grab a bottle of cold water cause I bet you wouldn’t drop your phone even for a split second; lol…

For my lovers of anything entertainment, be it movies, games, comedy..these links should do the trick..:;

Movie Quotes & Lines-

Status Video –

HighMash –

Movies Masti –

Funny Video & Jokes –

Biker Group –

Joker Fan Club –

Entertainment Panda –

New Movies –

Gamers All Game –

Love You –

Funny Videos 2k19 –

Youtube Family –

Only MP3 Songs –

Now, I know that many of us; boys and girls have become entangled with the ever amazing TikTok app.

This group links below would take you to exciting Whatsapp groups that would keep you posted on all happenings on TikTok like the latest challenge or dance steps you would love to try out on your next visit to the app and also let you interact with TikTok lovers nationwide.


Here you go;

TikTok India –

Support TikTok –

TikTok Lovers –

TikTok Friends –

Tik Tok Creators –

Stars Of TikTok –

Tik Tokers –

Likee Video –

Tik Tok ❤❤ –

Tik Tok Stars –

TikTok Follow –

Project Ravers For YouTube –

TikTok Videos –

Tik Tok User –

Videos Collection TikTok –

Social Media TikTok –

Next up,  is all about my pretty girls.

I know every girl would want to hang out with their kind on WhatsApp and talk about the “girl stuff”. I got you all covered as I reveal the best and only best of WhatsApp group links created especially for girls:

Black Pink –

Stupid Girls –

One-Love –

Only Girls –

Girls Chatroom –

Teddy Bear –

Gossip Fun –

Sai Pallavi –

Nah!, I wouldn’t forget about the boys.

These group links are the best  for every boy:

Fun Masti –

Premium Content –

Sexy Boys –

Masti Zaade –

Share Your memories –

Mera Yaar Kaminey Group –

All In One Fun –

Machaoo Company –

Masti Ki Pathshala –

Bigde Chore –

Digital Boys –

Crazy World –

Crazy Boys –

NEET Study –

Live Life –

Web Designers –

Great Spiritual Teacher –

Naukri –

The People of Study –

Be Bachelor Be Motivated –

Guru Smart Academy –

MasterChef –

TypingTutor –

Best Whatsapp group links for my music lovers:


These groups would keep you posted on the latest on all artiste, music albums, cool songs, and everything in between;

Only MP3 Songs –

Status Video – GYc7JiF92

 Music Life –

Bollywood –

All About Arjit –

Arjit Singh Songs –

Mohd Rafi –

Sad Songs –

Music –

Everyone wants to be updated on the recent happenings in Nigeria and the world at large; these Whatsapp groups got you all covered real good.;

AajTak –

Smart News –

MK NewsPaper –

D News –

Best Updates –

Cricket –

CricketUpdate –


Stupid People –

Hello Hello –

Funny Master –

Share It –

Fun Globally –

Mega Funk 2019 –

Funny Dairy –

International Chats –

Cyrus –

Hello Boy –

Happy –

Share Gang –

Share Ideas –

Global Debates –

Be a Human –

Friendship Group –

Engineering ka Dimaag –

Sad Status Shayari –

Digital Marketing –

Technical Rajendra –

Savings & Investment –

Whatsapp can be real fun if you are in these kinds of groups(the best group links in Nigeria) I have shared with you.

Which of these Whatsapp groups are you going to join? Feel free to let us know.

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