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10 Best PC Optimization Software


Are you searching for the best PC optimization software? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Optimization is very important in order to get the very best performance from your PC. Optimization is all about the operation of a system to make it good in a defined sense.

Over time, the PC has the tendency of accumulating junk files, malware, and other unwanted stuff. These files will thereby hinder the PC to perform at a high level. Deleting/Removing this malware and files will help the PC function at a much higher level. To do this, you need an optimizer or cleaner software.

Best PC Optimization Software

Piriform CCleaner

best pc optmization software

We will start off this list with Piriform CCleaner. This Windows optimizer is well-designed and features all the elements you need to optimize the performance of your PC. It is easy to use and after the cleaning process, you’ll get free disk space on your computer. It is free-to-use software but there is a premium version that costs a fee. The premium version comes with additional features one of which is the scheduling cleanup. You can set a date and time in advance, once the time comes the system automatically starts the cleaning process.

Advanced System Optimizer (ASO)

Next on the 10 best PC optimization software in 2020 is the Advanced System Optimizer. A legit argument can be made about this software being the best PC cleaning software out there. The tool covers every optimization process you need on your computer. Inside the software is a disk optimizer that helps in removing junk files. ASO cleaning utility includes deleting harmful cookies and browsing histories that not only make your PC slow but are of security threat. This software is liked by gamers cause it also optimizes the gaming performance of the PC.


AVG brand is a famous one in the world of software. They also have an antivirus app for the Android operating system. Today we are looking at their PC optimizer software called “TuneUp”. It greatly improves the performance speed of the PC. It has the ability to clean up to 200 apps with just a single click. It also helps to protect your online privacy by deleting your browsing history leaving no trace whatsoever. Another good feature of this software is that your system will be updated automatically once an update is made available. You no longer need to update manually.


As the implies, this software helps you clean your PC which in return improves its performance. It takes care of all the residue from uninstalled apps. Am sure by now you know that once you uninstall an app, it doesn’t delete every of the app files. This is why you need cleaning software like CleanMyPC to help get rid of those unneeded files and caches. The software also protects and manages your online security and privacy.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Another good PC optimizer in our 10 best PC optimization software in 2020 is the Ashampoo WinOptimizer. This software not only optimizes your PC but also shows you files, caches, malware e.t.c that are affecting the performance of your PC before deleting them. This will help ensure you don’t visit or download those websites or apps. The software helps in allocating your PC storage by managing the startup process and defragging the hard drive.

AusLogics BoostSpeed

This is good software for cleaning your PC any day anytime. From its name, you can tell it helps to boost the performance speed of the PC, not just remove junk files and caches. It optimizes the PC in a neat and orderly fashion and ensures that there is no crash along the way. The software works in real-time 24/7 and deletes/removes junk files, unused error logs etc. as soon as it comes across them. Two great feature you’ll get with this software is the “Management tool” and Automatic processor”.


iolo System Mechanic

This system mechanic software is truly a mechanic and capable of repairing over 20,000 faults on your PC. This will further improve the overall performance speed. It also does the basic stuff of an optimizer like cleaning/deleting junk files. The software provides recommended fixes to certain problems and also how to avoid them from re-occurring. It detects malware easily and other unwanted caches e.t.c.

Norton Utilities Premium

This is undoubtedly one of the best PC cleaning software. It is built to handle all cleaning tasks and optimization processes needed to get your PC back to working at an optimal speed. The uninstaller tool helps keep track of folders, files, programs, and apps that your PC no longer needs. You can visit the tool frequently and delete these files, programs, or folders that are slowing the performance speed of your computer.

PC Booster

Boost the performance speed of your computer with the PC Booster software. It is available in two versions; free and premium. You’ll need to purchase the premium version if you wish for the software to scan your PC 100%. Get rid of junk files, browsing history, caches, and cookies on your computer by installing and using this software today.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

We’ll round up the 10 best PC optimization software with the IObit Advanced SystemCare software. It is an easy-to-use optimizer with various cleaning tools necessary to make your computer perform at a high speed. One of the things I love about this software is that it is highly customizable. You can install or discard any programs you want on it. On the dashboard, you can correct every error you have on the hard drive. The auto cleaner tool automotive gets rid of junk files, caches, browsing history, etc.

There are many other good PC optimizations softer out there. But this is the very 10 best right now to use on your Windows computer. Which of this software is your go-to one and why? Drop your reasons in the comment section below.

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