Best Happy Birthday Prayer Messages for Loved Ones and Friends


Birthday is one of the most important days in one’s life. It’s usually a day of joy and happiness for the person. People have different ways of celebrating their birthdays, based on their religion, belief, and way of life. Do you have a loved one or friend whose birthday is around the corner? You can make additions to their happiness by sending them a birthday prayer message. We’ve put together 50 birthday prayer messages for loved ones and friends.

Happy Birthday Prayer Messages

  1. Wishing a glorious birthday to the only sunshine I need in this cold world. May oceans of happiness fall upon you on your anniversary.
  2. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to be in your wonderful life. You make my life sweeter than honey. I hope that someday I can fill your life with happiness beyond measure.
  3. I am sending you hugs, kisses, laughter, warm wishes, and many, many blessings. I hope your birthday is filled with all of the above and so much more. Wishing you a happy birthday!
  4. Balloons and flowers for the birthday star. I hope these kind wishes follow you wherever you are. It’s your birthday and you seem to be getting more awesome every year. Thanks for being such a great friend. Enjoy your special day!
  5. Every blessed day I get to spend with you is the greatest day of my life. Best wishes and love.
  6. May every candle on your birthday cake bring you a billion blessings. Have a good one.
  7. I hope your day is special and everyone treats you well. Wishing you all the happiness on your birthday.
  8. Wishing you the best! My number one wish for you is for good health. This is to ensure that I have many more birthdays to celebrate with you, so then I’ll wish good luck and success!
  9. Enjoy your birthday, dear precious one. Celebrate your special day with the knowledge that I will treasure you until my heart stops beating. Thank you for giving me what no human in this world can give me – true happiness.
  10. I thought true love was something that only existed in myth until the day I found you. With you in my life, the Heavens always smile on me.
  11. May this day be as beautiful as you are. May this cake be as sweet as you are. And may this birthday party be as memorable as you are. I love you forever.
  12. You may not have been on this Earth very long but you are wiser than anyone I know. Stay young at heart. Today is the day we celebrate the number of years you’ve brought happiness to our lives. There is never a dull moment with you. Have a great birthday celebration. Many happy returns!
  13. Wishes from the heart to a phenomenal soul. May your life be sweeter than the sweetest candy in the world.
  14. Congratulations on successfully making the journey around the sun. As you celebrate today, know that ever since I set my eyes on you, I made it my mission to put happiness in your life. Thank you for making my world sunny and colorful.
  15. From my heart to yours, you deserve the best on your birthday. Wishing you a blessed day today.
  16. My warmest wishes! This year, may you shed fewer tears and have more laughs. I hope you achieve all of your dreams and obtain all of your heart’s desires.
  17. Many happy returns. I am sending you a bouquet of warm wishes. Enjoy your very special day.
  18. Enjoy a special day filled with the love of your friends, buddy. Every day I pray that I never forget how blessed I am to have someone precious like you in my life.
  19. Your birthday is always a day that I celebrate with great joy because it is the day you were brought to this world to decorate my life. I wish your heart is always filled with the type of happiness that can only be found in paradise. Have a great one.
  20. Be yourself. You are perfect the way you are. Through all the years of knowing you, you never change for the worse. You always change for the better. Love always, kisses.
  21. Congratulations on becoming a year older. This year of your life, be sure to seize every moment and conquer every challenge that comes your way. The sky is not the limit when it comes to you.
  22. May the best things you have enjoyed so far be nothing compared to the awesome things that await you in the future. Have a remarkable birthday.
  23. My sweet angel, you are the reason my face is always aglow with happiness. Never in my life have I come across someone with an exterior and interior beauty that is as breathtaking as yours. I hope you enjoy a truly blissful birthday celebration.
  24. Happy Bday! Wishing you the best.
    Wishing you tons of happiness on your birthday. May your cake be sweeter than ever and your gifts bring you smiles.
  25. I hope this day brings you every desire of your heart. Surround yourself with loved ones and magical memories.
  26. As you celebrate your completion of another trip around the sun, do know that the only place that you are guaranteed to forever dwell in is my heart. Enjoy your day, my dear.
  27. You are not only a gift to me but also a gift to all mankind. On your anniversary, I wish you nothing but good fortune galore all the days of your life.
  28. Let’s celebrate the wonderful gift of your life and be grateful for the moments we share. Have a wonderful birthday!
  29. You bring joy to the world and happiness to my heart. May you receive double the blessing on your birthday. Have a good one!
  30. May this day draw you closer to living the life you have always imagined for yourself. Have a phenomenally fantastic birthday.
  31. I totally appreciate all the happiness you bring into my life. Having someone like you in my life is more than a blessing to me.
  32. This year for your birthday, I am wrapping your gifts with lots of love. Wishing you a bright future and many more birthdays to come.
  33. It’s your birthday and you can celebrate however you want. Have fun and seize every moment life gives you.
  34. Life is precious. Every moment is sweet. What matters most in life is you are here with me. I love you and wish you the very best, my love. I am wishing you a very special birthday. You deserve all the best!
  35. I live in a joyous and spectacular world because my life has been blessed with such a phenomenal person like you. Happy birthday, my sweet darling.
  36. Everything about you puts a smile on my face. May every moment of your life be like a dream come true. Happy birthday, my dear.
  37. Close your eyes and blow out every birthday candle. Make every wish count. Wish upon the things that matter most. Have a great birthday.
    You are the reason I smile. You are the reason I laugh. You are the reason I live. So happy to have you here with me. Have a great day.
  38. Have a great day! Any day with you in it is awesome. You are amazing in every way. Happy, happy birth anniversary! With all my love, I’m wishing you the absolute finest, today and always.
  39. On your birthday, I wish you good health in abundance and happiness beyond the comprehension of mankind. I love you.
  40. The moment you entered my life, I realized for the first time that dreams actually do come true. Happy birthday, my dream come true.
  41. Happy birthday, my dearest one. You are the perfect ingredient that completes my life. I love you so much.
  42. You fill my world with love and laughter. It is my wish that someday you will be blessed with as much happiness as you bless me with. Have a truly joyous birthday celebration.
  43. As you commemorate your Big Day, I pray that true happiness will be your companion from this special day until the end of time. Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face.
  44. I don’t need money when I have you by my side because you bring me all the wealth in the universe.
  45. You are a special person to me – I hope you know. Have a wonderful birthday and treasure these moments.
    Happy Birthday, Gorgeous. You look as beautiful as ever on this day. Your personality shines even brighter than your beauty.
  46. I hope this greeting brings you excitement. I hope these warm wishes bring you happiness. I hope the love I have you shines as you do. Enjoy your birthday, all my love.
  47. To say that I am blessed to have someone like you in my life is truly an understatement. I hope you have an exceptionally fabulous birthday, my dear.
  48. For being such an amazing person in my life, I pray that your birthday brings you ultimate comfort and happiness. May this day put into your life the amount of sweetness that you bring into my life.
  49. Sometimes I wonder how I got through my trying moments without you by my side. I’m most thankful for your awesome companionship and support. Have a blast, bestie.
  50. You make life amazing and much more relaxed with your warm smile and cosy hugs. Long live this awesome friendship we share.
  51. You stood by me when the world rejected me. Thank you for showing me love on an unprecedented scale in good times and bad times. And do know that I’ll never forget your kindness towards me.
  52. Sweetheart, you are the reason why everything in my life is meaningful. Many happy returns! Happy and blessed is the man/woman lucky enough to have a true friend like you.
  53. Happy Birthday from a friend!
    Wonderful people like you are as hard to find as a tear in an ocean. On your birthday, I pray that the sun will always shine in your world.
  54. Not only do you have a heart of gold, but you are also beautiful, intelligent, and fun to be with. I thank God for bringing you into my life and hope this is the first of many birthdays to come.
  55. Sending a virtual hug and squeeze to you because I miss you and wish that you were here with me. Have a blast, and tell me about it when you are here. Much love!
  56. My warmest wishes to a wonderful friend who makes even the most daunting challenges of life manageable. Thank you for always being there by my side and supporting me even in times when I didn’t deserve it. I owe you a lot. Cheers.
  57. If I were asked to choose between you and all the riches of the universe, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to choose you, my dear. To me, you are worth more than the universe and everything in it.
  58. Do you know why my life is so perfect? It is because I have such a special person in it! May your birthday be as extraordinarily happy as you make my life.
  59. Wishing a super duper happy birthday to the only one whose smile has the ability to warm my heart.
  60. Best wishes from the one who loves and cares for you the most. May your Big Day be as pleasant as your presence is in my life.
  61. No one brings the amount of sunshine and joy that you bring into my world, which is why no one will ever occupy your place in my heart. May we forever remain inseparable like planets and gravity?
  62. While the average person on earth experiences Christmas once every year, I enjoy Christmas every blessed day because I have you in my life. May your birthday be as happy as you make me feel.
  63. Have a wonderful birthday celebration, my dear. It is my prayer that happiness and your heart will always remain the best of buddies.

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