Claritta Login & Registration: How to Register & Login

The peer-to-peer scheme is a trending business in Nigeria since the days of MMM.

Due to the high unemployment rate in the country, many of its citizens now depend on these peer-to-peer donation scheme to make money.

Claritta is one of the latest and trending money-making scheme in Nigeria. While these schemes have their negative side, we can’t ignore the positive side also.

It’s always important to have an in-depth knowledge of any peer-to-peer donation scheme before putting in your money.

This is why we have taken this time to enlighten users on Claritta login and registration.

We’ll be discussing how to register and log in with this donation scheme.

How does Claritta work?

Claritta is a simple peer-to-peer donation community. Newcomers are mandated to pay N1,500 to a user they are matched upon registration. Seven days after payment, you’ll then be matched with four members. These four members will also be mandated to pay you N1,500 each.

Members are only allowed to make three donations at once. This means while you’re waiting to get paid N4,500 after paying N1,500, you can make another N1,500 donation to another member. By doing this, you stand the chance to get paid N9,000.

The community also have a good referral program. It allows you to make N4,500 for each person you refer. The money will be paid to you by 3 members (N1,500 each) within 4 days. This will encourage people to promote the community.

How to Register on Claritta

Registration on Claritta is quite simple.

Below are the instructions below on how to register on Claritta;

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the registration button on the website’s homepage.
  3. Fill out the registration form with your full name, email, mobile number, contact number, username and payment details.
  4. Submit the registration form once you’re done.
  5. The login details will be sent to your email address upon the completion of your registration. Ensure you enter your correct details.

How to Login on Claritta

Below is how you can log in to your Claritta account;

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the login button
  3. By now, I presume you’ve your username and password. Enter both of that information and login.

You’re advised to make payment immediately you have been matched. In your account homepage, you’ll see the matched member whom you’re to pay to.

This is everything you need to know concerning Claritta login and registration. How to register and login on Claritta should be pretty easy with the help of this article. The good thing about Claritta is the low starting cost. With just N1,500 you can join the program and start making money.

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