200 Cute And Funny Nicknames For Girls


Check out the 200 cute and funny nicknames for girls. You can give one to that special girl of yours! Let’s begin!

funny nicknames for girls

Are you looking for cute and funny nicknames for girls? To show love for the special girl in your life? Then you are on the right page!!

Nicknames are a great term of endearment for anyone special to you. It could be for the girl in your family or perhaps a romantic partner. There is sure to be the right nickname that suits her looks or personality.

Most times, you want to go beyond calling her by her regular name. Perhaps you want a cute and funny nicknames for girls.

Be it for your girlfriend, best friend, or just that amazing girl in your life, there is sure to be a cute and funny nicknames for girls, that’s perfect for her.

Below is a list of funny nicknames for girls and their meaning you could choose or get ideas from.

Feel free to go through them!

List Of Cute And Funny Nicknames For Girls

1. Bean: A small and adorable lady

2. Tweetie: A cute nickname for an extroverted girl

3. Beanie: A cute variation of Bean, used for petite ladies

4. Diva: A girl who behaves like a goddess

5. Curls: A silly and adorable girl

6. Brownie: A cute pet name for a girl with lovely chocolate skin or brown eyes

7. Chubs: She’s as soft as a baby’s skin, tender and gentle in her little ways

8. Brown Sugar: A cute nickname often used for a beautiful black woman

9. Bre Bre: A sexy and attractive lady

10. Tweetums: For a girl who acts childish

11. Bree: A cute pet name for a gorgeous lady

12. Doll: An attractive and beautiful girl

13. Eye Candy: A lady too appealing to your visual senses

14. Fine Wine: Is she the most exotic girl you’ve ever laid eyes on?

15. Flame: For a hot and gorgeous girl

16. Goldie: For a girl who’s talented and beautiful, usually with golden hair

17. Flash: A cool name for a girl who is also a fast runner

18. Gorgeous: For a girl who’s beautiful in all ramifications

19. Huckleberry: A sweet nickname for a petite girl

20. Jelly Belly: A full-fat girl

21. Kitten: Is she cute, smart, and feisty when needed? Also, a cute short girl nickname

22. Lil One: A cute nickname for a short girl or a lady younger than you such as your kid sister

23. Pinky: A cute name for a girl with lovely pink lips.

24. Shorty: A popular nickname for short girls

25. Summer: A cute nickname for an extremely hot lady

26. Sunny Hunny: A sweet pet name for an attractive girl

27. Tea Cup: A sweet nickname for a lady with a smaller stature

28. Whoopsy: For a hot and irresistible girl

29. Wiggle Bear: An adorable and flexible girl; a cute name for a great dancer

30. Winky Dink: For a girl that always looks sharp and neatly dressed

31. Wookie: A common slang used to refer to a hairy girl

32. Bam Bam: A fitting nickname for a vibrant girl

33. Beagle: A calm and intelligent girl

34. Cheeky Chimp: Is she funny and playful? How much of a smart-arse is she?

35. Bibbles: A dope lady with a refreshing attitude

36. Blue: A cute pet name for a lady that brings clarity into your life

37. Blueberry: A good name for a lady that keeps you focused

38. Cherub: Originally Old Persian, it means ‘angel.’ A cute name to call the most righteous girl in your life

39. China Doll: A beautifully fragile girl you never want to hurt

40. Daisy: A nickname for a lady with a sweet personality

41. Dashing: A stylish person who’s attractive in an adventurous way

42. Feisty: A cute, tease nickname for a touchy, tough, and resilient girl

43. Enchantress: A cute nickname for an effortlessly charming girl

44. Enigma: A cute name for a weird and mysterious girl

45. Foodie: A nickname for a girl that likes food

46. Foxy: A nickname for a crafty girl

47. Frostbite: For the kind of girl who can switch to icy cold in seconds when upset

48. Gem: A cute name to call a precious lady

49. Genie: The kind of girl who knows how to make everything better

50. Giggles: A girl with an adorable smile, who isn’t afraid to show that smile

51. Goober: For a girl who’s seen as a kindhearted, rather an oblivious goofball

52. Halo: A beautiful name for a girl with an aura that is glorious and angelic

53. Goofy: For the girl who adorably pulls the silliest and wackiest stunts

54. Heavenly: For a girl created by the heavens with distinct traits

55. Green: A nature-inclined and a lover of the earth kind of girl

56. Goose: For a girl who is friendly, outgoing, and knows how to keep everyone smiling

57. Hipster: For a lady in tune with the latest trends

58. Holly: A nickname for a girl destined for greatness and fame

59. Hop: A nickname for a trendy girl

60. Hotshot: A girl with an exceptional and amazing personality

61. Issy: A girl who is very sensitive but possesses a charming personality

62. Ivy: A cute pet name for a smart and precious girl

63. Jazzie: For a girl who is blunt, creative, and honest

64. Jeet: For a girl who overcomes her issues all by herself

65. Jelly: Short for “Jealous”

66. Tiggy: A fun-loving girl

67. Jockey: For a girl that’s an expert in a particular field

68. Katniss: For an attractive girl with a mind of her own

69. Star: Does she shine bright everywhere she goes? For a girl that stands above her peers

70. Kiah: For a girl who has it all, beauty, brains, character, etc.

71. Kind Witch: For a girl who uses her abilities to do and bring out the good in people

72. Smoochie: A cute nickname for a good kisser

73. Kitty: A sweet nickname for a timid or introverted girl who cannot harm a fly

74. Lacey: A true friend and wonderful companion

75. Sky: A girl with great dreams

76. Lady Godiva: For a girl who is more concerned about your wishes and needs than with her own

77. Lala: For a bold, attractive girl

78. Marshmallow: A woman with a gentle and relaxed personality

79. Mellow: For an easy-going girl

80. Lapooheart: For an outgoing, beautiful girl

81. Panda Bear: Is she a protective sweetheart?

82. Lemon: A cute nickname for a lady that will do what is best for you, irrespective of how it makes you feel

83. Mama: A girl kind and loving lady

84. Milady: A classic nickname for a noblewoman

85. Mimi: For a cute girl who is funny, sarcastic, and great

86. Nibbles: A cute name for a girl that drives you crazy

87. Mine: A girl whose heart, body and soul belongs to you

88. Nugget: Does she mean the world to you? She’s precious to you no matter what she does

89. Mini Me: A cute nickname for a younger girl who is very much like you

90. Nums: A sweet and adorable girl

91. Pink: A cute name for a gorgeous, confident girl

92. Nutty: A crazy and bat-shit crazy girl. It helps if she’s on your side

93. Panda: For a chubby, friendly, and tender girl

94. Pumpkin: A cute and attractive girl with a fun and loving demeanor

95. Quirky: Is she the right kind of weird?

96. Rum-Rum: A girl that gives you a different kind of high

97. Saint: A sweet and adorable soul

98. Sassy Lassy: Polite and romantic, she shocks you with how goofy she gets at times

99. Tippler: A cute nickname for a girl that loves her wine

100. Tooti: For a girl, that talks a lot

101. Twinkie: For a girl that is small, sweet, and hard to forget

102. Ultimate: Is she the number one girl?

103. Viking: A girl that will tear through walls for you

104. Westie: A nickname for a Western girl

105. Berry: A cute nickname for a sweet petite lady

106. Winnie: A Welsh girl

107. Xena: A cute nickname for a kind and welcoming woman

108. Wolfie: An energetic and resilient girl

109. Unicorn: A girl so full of perfection that it is unreal

110. Wookums: An exciting, courageous girl

111. Yummy: Is she a sweet and kind girl?

112. Zany: A cute nickname for a crazy, weird girl

113. Yummy Bear: A sweet and amazing woman

114. Baby Kins: A cute nickname for a beautiful lady

115. Candy: A cute pet name for the sweetest of them all

116. Bonbon: Symbolizes sweetness, which makes it a great name for an adorable lady

117. Caramel: An adorable nickname for a girl who is cute and sweet inside-out

118. Bambi: For a cute and gentle lady

119. Cherry: An amazing girl with a kind heart

120. Dew Drop: It symbolizes God’s gift to the world through nature

121. Cupcakes: A cute nickname for an attractive and sweet lady

122. Emerald: A cute nickname for a girl you consider precious and beautiful

123. Cupid: The Roman god of love and affection

124. Coco: A cute nickname for a crazy girl.

125. Dumpling: A term of endearment for a lover or baby

126. Cookie: A nickname for a fierce but yummy girlfriend

127. Heartie: For the girlfriend who’s got the key to your heart

128. Chocolate: Just like chocolate, she’s sweet, addictive, and you can’t help but crave her presence

129. First Lady: For the number one girl

130. Cream: She’s alluring and impressively attractive and the type of girl that captivates everyone around her

131. Fluffy: For a sweet and adorable girl

132. Choco Pop: Is she a sweet girl? Does she have lovely brown skin? Is she your favorite morning treat?

133. Gummy Bear: For a girl who’s sweet, sugary, and cute

134. Hon’ Bun: A shorter, more adorable nickname for a girl who’s a sweetheart and loved

135. Hon’: A cute and short nickname for a girl who’s a sweetheart in your eyes

136. Haven: For a girl whose heart and arms radiate warmth and bliss

137. Muffin: An enchanting girl

138. Honey Bagel: For a loving and affectionate girl

139. Jewel: Is she more precious than anything in your life?

140. Honey Bun: For a sweet mannered girl adored by you

141. Misty Eyes: A girl with those irresistible puppy eyes

142. Honey Lips: For a girl who has the juiciest looking (or tasting!) lips

143. Kissy Face: Do feel like locking lips with her, all the time?

144. Munchkin: A cute nickname for a funny and small lady

145. Kit Kat: Is she your sweet and loving chocolate delight?

146. Honey Bunch: For the girl who’s like a pile of sweetness

147. Lilly: A girl that is beautiful, fun, and loving

148. Honey Bear: For a girl who’s sweet and precious to you

149. Lollipop: For the girlfriend that is irresistible and delicious

150. Huggie: A cute nickname for an adorable little girl

151. Moonlight: A girl capable of brightening your day

152. My Buttercup: She’s your baby, darling or sweetheart

153. Oreo: A cute name for a girl as sweet as Oreos

154. Paami: A combination of “Papa” and “Mami

155. Skittles: A cute nickname for a sweet lady

156. Peach: Is she an adorable girl? Is she as beautiful as they come?

157. Ride Or Die: A cute nickname for your forever girl

158. Sweet: A friendly and thoughtful girl

159. Plum: A term of endearment for a sweet lady

160. Sprinkles: Is she the sweetest girl ever?

161. Pooky: Is she the cutest girl ever?

162. Roo Roo: A cute girl

163. Puppy: Is she as cute as a puppy?

164. Sugar: A sweet and adorable girl

165. Poopsie: Is she a beautiful sweetheart?

166. Smoochy: A kissable and pleasantly lovable girl

167. Queenie: The girl that rules your heart

168. Strawberry: Is she as sweet and lovely as strawberries?

169. Sweetie: A cute and adorable girl

170. Treasure: A girl you cherish and hold in high regards

171. Sweet Kitten: For a young caring girl

172. Tulip: A precious, beautiful, and adorable soul

173. Hun Bun: A cute lady with a great ass

174. Waffles: For a sweet and adorable girl

175. Tum Tums: An affectionate term for a sweet girl

176. Sugams: A girl that brings you great comfort and happiness

177. Teddy: A cute and adorable soul

178. Wifey: A romantic name for the love of your life

179. Skanky: For a lady who is down for anything

180. Xoxo: It denotes hugs and kisses

181. Wuggles: A romantic nickname for a girl that you love to spoon

182. Bootylicious: A sexy nickname for a gorgeous lady blessed with a great ass

183. Gigi: A beautiful girl who knows she’s hot

184. Hot Chocolate: For a girl with beautiful dark skin and a smashing body

185. Gumdrop: A lady so irresistible you can’t resist

186. Scarlet: A hot, sexy, and amazing girl who’s not afraid to show her sexiness

187. Hottie: For a girl who is the definition of sizzling and sexy

188. Sexy: The kind of girl that blows up your Instagram likes when you post her picture

189. Legs: For a girl with hot legs

190. Hot Cakes: For an attractive and piping hot girl

191. Shawty: A cute ghetto nickname for a young and attractive girl

192. Hotsy-Totsy: A playful nickname for a girl who’s as hot as she is cute

193. Hottie Tottie: An attractive lady

194. Bubble Butt: A nickname for a lady who is slim but with a very sexy body

195. Mamacita: A cute name for a hot girl

196. Kiya: For an attractive girl with an adventurous personality

197. Luna: An Italian phrase for the moon

198. Dolce: It means sweet in Italian

199. Belle: Belle is the French word for beautiful

200. Amiga: A Spanish word meaning “female friend

You got any exciting and funny nicknames for girls? Feel free to share in the comment section below…

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