Fzmovies Series, Show and Movie download Online: Easy Guide


Fzmovies is a website to download unlimited movies from. It is the sister of the popular Fztvseries, which is specifically for TV series. While Fzmovies is for specifically for movies. This article is an easy guide about Fzmovies series, show and movie download online.

For some reason or another, people don’t go to the cinema or a film house to watch their favourite movie when it drops. So they resort to downloading the movie online to enjoy on their device. The archives of Fzmovies is very large with various Hollywood and Bollywood movies available to download.

Movie Genres available on Fzmovies

On the website, you can search for your favourite movies by using the genre as a search filter. Below is the list of movies genres on Fzmovies;

  • Adventure
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • TV Shows
  • Cartoon/Anime
  • Documentaries
  • TV Series
  • Action
  • Horror
  • Sci-Fi

How to Download Movies from Fzmovies

Below is an easy guide on how to download any movie from Fzmovies;

  1. Go to the website www.fzmovies.net
  2. Use the search bar to search for the movie you wish to download. You can search the genre, name, cast or director of the movie. If you don’t have any movie in the mind, you can see the latest movie available for download on the website homepage.
  3. After debating on the movie to download, Click on your preferred movie. It will take you to the movie page with all the movie details.
  4. Scroll down to select the video format you wish to download either MP4 or 3GP. Note that video format should be compatible with the device you want to use in watching the movie.
  5. After selecting the video quality, proceed by selecting the video format e.g CamRip, HDRip or Blu-Ray.
  6. On the next page, select if you wish to stream the movie online or download to your device.
  7. If you selected download, the download page will show various link you can use to download the movie.
  8. Click on any of the download links and the movie will start downloading to your device.

How to Download Subtitles from Fzmovies

A language barrier can be a headache when watching some international movies. Imagine wanting to watch a Bollywood movie and found out they speak the Indian language throughout. Well, you can download the English language subtitles and follow along. Below is how to download subtitles from Fzmovies for any movie;

  • On the page where you select the “Video format” i.e 3GP or MP4, you’ll see subtitles below the MP4.
  • Check the video quality you download for the movie e.g Blu-Ray and then copy the text in the below field and search on Google without leaving the website.
  • From the Google search result, download your preferred subtitle available for the video quality you download. If you download Blu-Ray video quality, make sure you are downloading BlueRay subtitles.

List of Movie Qualities on Fzmovies

Movies available to download on Fzmovies often come in various quality. Below is a brief explanation of what each video quality entails;

  • CamRip: This video quality format is usually not advisable to download. It is not of clear quality cause the copy was made using a camcorder in a cinema house.
  • CamRip2: A second version of the CamRip.
  • Blu-Ray: This is the best version of all of the video quality. Once you see your favourite movie in this format, don’t hesitate to download immediately. The downside of the format is not being readily available as soon as the movie drops. It usually takes up to six months after the movie aired to see the Blu-Ray download online for free.
  • TS: This is similar to CamRip. It is a recording made in a cinema using a professional camera. The difference between TeleSync (TS) and CamRip is audio interference. The TS format is recorded in an empty cinema, so you won’t hear people voices in the background.
  • TSV2: The second version of TS.
  • HDRip: This is just like BRRip, BDRip or HDTV. It’s an encoded HD version into a small file size for download.

This is the best easy guide for you based on Fzmovies series, show and movie download online. Now downloading from Fzmovies should not be a problem after reading this article. So go ahead now and start downloading your favourite movies from Fzmovies.

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