Best generators to buy in Nigeria

10 Top Generators in Nigeria you can Buy


Have you ever advised NEPA to increase their electricity bill fees but give you constant light? Living in Nigeria can be very daunting, especially when you know you can afford the expensive electricity bills. But don’t worry, there are very powerful generators that will make you forget about NEPA.

There are so many powerful generators you can and I’ve compiled a list of the very best. These generators are not just strong, they have amazing features as well. It’s time for you to forget about NEPA and get one of this beasts. These are the 10 top generators that will make you forget about NEPA.

Top generators that will make you forget about NEPA

1. Gateway Power 36KVA Soundproof Diesel Generator GP36 (N3,742,060)

Talk about being a powerhouse, this is what Nigerians call a ‘Plant’ due to its capability. Get rid of all those unnecessary and annoying sounds your old generator makes. Upgrade to this beast and hear less of that, thanks to its soundproof body. This big white generator can power a skyscraper and even ask what next-door? The Japan company, Gateway Industrial Power are known for their durability and powerful products.

2. LionRock 16.5KVA Soundproof Diesel Generator LRL16.5 (N2,843,000)

This generator is also soundproof and powerful with a yellow body. Just like the first one above, it’s powered by diesel as well and can light up a skyscraper. It’s not as expensive as the first one, so if your building isn’t that tall then you can opt for this.

3. Honda 8KVA EM10000 Key-Starting Generator + Battery (N1,255,914)

We all know a thing or two about tech giant Honda right? They make most of the cars you would see on the street in Nigeria. The company are known for their durability and best performance in all their products. Boasting of a 31 litres internal tank space, this Honda generator can power your mansion with ease. This low noise generator has a voltage that regulates stable power for your appliances.

4. Haier Thermocool TEC Generator – 6.5kW / 6kVA/7.5kVA – Igwe Max 8100RS (N276,250)

Definitely an ‘Igwe’ compared to its mates, offering 1000 hours continuous running if you keep on refilling. Boasting of a minimal noise level and Smart Choke to get it running easily. It’s powerful quite alright, but I will recommend you use it for a duplex not for big industry.

5. Elena 10 KVA Generator – SV 18000E2 (N250,000)

Gradually becoming a household name, this 10KVA Elepaq Generator is key start feature. So you don’t need to waste energy trying to draw an annoying cable. It can power a duplex as well, with an a/c output of 220 – 240 volts. Boasting of 25L fuel tank capacity which allows you save enough fuel for the raining days.

6. Firman ECO-8990ESR Generator – 7.2KVA 100% Copper Coil (N222,000)

Once the fuel tank is full, you get to enjoy 15 hours of uninterrupted power supply. Making it the king in terms of consuming less fuel, and the highest fuel saving generator on the list. It comes with a remote control as well, to switch it ON and OFF from a distance. This Firman generator is definitely one of the 10 top generators that will make you forget about NEPA.

7. Lutian Generator LT 8000 8.1kva With Remote Control (N210,000)

Definitely one of the best generators out there, it also comes with a remote control. With the remote, you can switch it on in style from anywhere. It has two movable tyres so you can take it anywhere, while its engine coil is made of 100% copper. Boasting of a 25 litres fuel capacity for more electricity time.

8. PowerLand 16 Hp 10000 Watts Generator (N228,000)

Experience the real power land when you turn on this beast, which offers low noise and fuel consumption as well. It has an electric start with battery, provides stable power voltage that lets you forget about NEPA.


These are 10 top generators that will make you forget about NEPA and their prices on Jumia. I know they are quite expensive, but trust me they are totally worth it. I will be doing a list of the most affordable generators on Jumia soon.

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