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How to Activate Channel 29 on GOtv if Not Showing

If you want to know how to activate channel 29 on GOtv if it is not showing, well, we’ve got you covered.

To activate channel 29, you need to subscribe to GOtv plans first such as GOtv Max or Jolli. These plans are available for as little as N1,900, so you’re good to go.

Channel 29 is the channel for Big Brother Nigeria. So once you have an active GOtv plan, you can watch this reality show when it’s in season.

How to Fix an Invalid Channel on GOtv in order to access Channel 29

If you are experiencing an Invalid channel error, here is a quick fix that will allow you to watch your favorite show on channel 29 or any other channel.

  • On your remote, press the MENU button
  • Afterward, press ADVANCE OPTIONS 
  • Then select INSTALLATION to have access to the Scam and Reset sections
  • Click RESET to restart your GOtv
  • Finally, perform the reset format by selecting, Antenna power OFF, and your GOtv is restored  

Suppose it is still displaying the GOtv error E016. In that case, you can resolve it by texting “RESET IUC to 4688” to the phone number associated with your GOtv decoder. You can also clear the GOtv problem by visiting their website.

If none of these work, contact GOtv customer service.

Details on How to Get in Touch with GOtv’s Customer Service

Suppose you are having any issue with your GOtv. In that case, it could be from the host or the satellite service provider, so you have to exercise patience till it gets back to normal. However, if the error continues after a long time, you should consider contacting customer care. 

Before contacting customer care, double-check that all the settings are implemented correctly. Also, get your UIC number ready, as you would need it.

The Customer care line is

9Mobile: 09090630333

Glo: 08113630333

Airtel: 07080630333

MTN: 08149860333 and

The General line 012703232.

The GOtv Max and GOtv Jolli packages, respectively, are the only ones that include BBnaija show. Channel 29 on GOtv provides access to Big Brother Naija for those subscriptions.

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