How To Buy Data On Airtel Network


Buying data on Airtel Network is a convenient way to stay connected and take advantage of the internet. It is important to understand how to purchase data in order to ensure that you are able to access the network when needed. In this article, we will discuss the different ways you can buy data on Airtel Network and how to get the most out of your plan.

What’s The Code to Buy Data From Airtel

Data is the lifeblood of our digital age. With growing internet usage and rising smartphone penetration, individuals are consuming more data than ever before. For users in Nigeria, Airtel has emerged as one of the leading service providers with a wide range of data plans to suit everyone’s needs.

For Airtel subscribers who wish to buy additional mobile data, there is now an easy-to-use code that can be used for making purchases. By simply dialing *141# on their handsets, customers can easily choose their desired plan and purchase it instantly. Airtel offers the following types of data plans:

  • Daily plans
  • Weekly plans
  • Monthly plans
  • Mega plans 
  • Everday-On plans 
  • Opera bundles
  • Social plans
  • Binge data plans

Airtel Daily Data Plan

Airtel Daily Data Plan is a convenient and reliable way to keep your data usage in check. Whether you need access to the internet for one day or a few days, Airtel Daily Data Plan offers an affordable and easy solution.

With Airtel’s Daily Data Plans, you can choose between plans that last for one or multiple days depending on your needs. You can get access to high-speed data for as low as N50 per day. This allows customers to have better control over their data usage and save money in the long run.

Furthermore, Airtel’s Daily Data Plans also come with bonus data rewards that give users more bang for their buck. All of this makes it an ideal option if you are looking for a short-term plan that won’t break the bank.

40 MB#501 Day*141*50#
100 MB#1001 Day*141*100#
200 MB#2003 Days    *141*200#

Airtel Weekly plans

Are you looking for an affordable and reliable weekly data plan? Look no further! Airtel is proud to announce the launch of its new Weekly Data Plans, with validity ranging from 7 to 14 days.

Whether you need a short-term connection or something more long-term, Airtel’s Weekly Data Plans to provide customers with fast internet speeds and great value for money. So don’t wait any longer – check out Airtel’s Weekly Data Plans now and stay connected at all times!

350 MB#3007 Days*141*300#
750 MB#50014 Days*141*500#
1 GB#5007 Days*141*502#
6 GB#1,5007 Days*141*1504#

Airtel Monthly Plan

This plan offers users a great deal of flexibility as it allows them to tailor their monthly data needs according to their budget. With this plan, Airtel customers can now choose from a variety of different packages ranging from 1.5GB to 20 GB.

1.5 GB#100030 Days*141*1000#
2 GB#1,20030 Days*141*1200#
3 GB#1,50030 Days*141*1500#
4.5 GB#2,00030 Days*141*2000#
6 GB#2,50030 Days*141*2500#
10 GB#3,00030 Days*141*3000#
11 GB4,00030 Days*141*4000#
20 GB#5,00030 Days*141*5000#

Airtel Mega plans

Airtel mega plans are the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable mobile service at an affordable price. The 30-day duration allows customers to get the most out of their Airtel plan.

20 GB#5,00030 Days*141*5000#
25 GB#8,00030 Days*141*8000#
40 GB#10,00030 Days*141*10000#
75 GB#15,00030 Days*141*15000#
120 GB#20,00030 Days*141*20000#
200 GB#30,00030 Days*141*30000#
280 GB#36,00030 Days*141*36000#
400 GB#50,00090 Days*141*50000#
500 GB#60,000120 Days*141*60000#
1 TB#100,000365 Days*141*100000#

Airtel Binge Data Plan

Airtel’s Binge Data Plan is the perfect choice for customers looking for a streamlined way to enjoy their favorite movies and television shows. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic movie or an exciting new series finale, this plan has you covered with its generous data allowance and fast speeds.

1 GB#3001 Day*141*354#
2 GB#5002 Days *141*504#
6 GB#1,5003 Days*141*1504#

Airtel Social Plan

20 MB#251 Day*948*4#
40 MB#501 Day*991*4#
200 MB#1005 Days*688*3#
700 MB#30025 Days*688*1#

Airtel Everyday On Data Plan

15 GB + 500 MB daily#3,00030 Days*141*3002#
45 GB + 1.5 GB daily#6,00030 Days*141*6002#

Airtel Opera Bundle

25 MB Opera bundle daily#201 Day*141*253#
100 MB Opera bundle weekly#507 Days*141*53#
300 MB Opera bundle monthly#10030 Days*141*103#

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, purchasing data on the Airtel network is a straightforward process. Knowing your own data needs and budget will help you decide which package is right for you. Through the Airtel website, you can also review all current packages and access customer support when necessary. Additionally, if you’re having errors buying data on Airtel, contacting an Airtel representative directly may be the best option.

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