How to dance Zanku Leg work, tips and video


This is a guide on How to dance Zanku Leg work. Zanku Leg work is one of the most popular dances in Nigeria for 2019. It is trending all across social media with fans uploading videos of them doing the Zanku steps. There are people who love this dance but can’t figure out how to actually dance it.

An example of those kinds of people is me until I learned about how to dance Zanku. So, I’ve decided to write this piece to help those interested in how to dance Zanku Leg work, tips and video. Some say Zanku is the customized version of Shaku Shaku. But the truth is that Zanku has dethroned Shaku Shaku as the reigning dance in the country.

Origin of Zanku Leg Work

Most Zanku lovers today barely know about the origin of the dance. Prior to this dance, we had Shaku Shaku which was brought into the limelight by Olamide and his YBNL crew. Zanku as a dance was introduced into Nigeria by Zlatan Ibile. The Nigerian hip-hop artiste who raps majorly in the Yoruba language is the pioneer of Zanku. He even has a whole song dedicated to the dance.

How to Dance Zanku Leg Work

Below are the steps on how to dance Zanku Leg work;

  1. The first thing to do is to play a song whose beat vibes with the Zanku dance. The most recommended is the “Zanku legwork” song by Zlatan Ibile. Another good alternative is “Able God” by Chinko Ekun.
  2. With your preferred Zanku dance song playing in the background, bend your neck towards the floor.
  3. Cross your arms together to forming a scissors shape.
  4. Make the arms look like they are cutting through something simultaneously.
  5. While doing that slowly lift your right leg up a little bit. Drop it down and immediately lift your left leg up. Do this continuously with your arms still doing the scissor cut.
  6. Keeping doing these steps as you move along with the beat of the song.
  7. At a point, just stop your arms and quickly kick your two legs forward. Then continue with the steps again.

Video tips on How to dance Zanku Leg work

The best teaching of any sort of dance is working a tutorial video. YouTube is the best place to find the best Zanku Leg work tutorial video and tips. Just search “Zanku Leg work tutorial video” on YouTube, watch, learn and enjoy the dance.

Who is the real owner of Zanku Dance

The real owner of Zanku dance is Zlatan Ibile who is also referred to KapaiChuMariMariChoPaco master.

This is everything you need to know about how to dance Zanku Leg work, tips and video. There is never a good time to learn the Zanku Leg work dance other than now.

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