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How to Apply Magnetic Lashes

Want to learn how magnetic eyelashes work? Are you thinking of trimming your magnetic lashes? In this article, we will provide in steps on how to apply magnetic lashes with a huge trick.

I believe you have seen, lashes so good, identified by their lightweight design, and natural looks; highly flexible which allows them to curve close to your natural lash line. That lash is a magnetic lash.

The world is obsessed with the quest to longer, fuller lashes. But despite this entire new beauty tech, applying false eyelashes is a trick that approximately 99% of all makeup artist and celebrities have been using for years. But, the intro of magnetic lashes hitting the market proves this option isn’t one to ignore. Do you want to know how to apply magnetic eyelashes? Dive right in!

Easy to apply magnetic eyelashes – But Avoid these mistakes!

1.     Wash your hands

We have more germs on our hands than any other part of the human body. Washing your hands before touching your false lashes would reduce the risk of getting an infection.

2.       Let your eye makeup dry

Before putting on your magnetic lash, make sure your eye make is dry. That way you won’t smear it around your eyes.

3.       Pay attention

Because you probably don’t want to poke yourself in the eye with your falsies, pay 100% concentration. It’s better to devote your attention than hurt yourself in the process.

How to apply magnetic lashes

Trim your lashes

First, make sure you to trim the lash very well, so it naturally fits along your natural lash line. If you don’t trim it well, they won’t look natural. Without trimming, they won’t be comfortable as well, so you must trim them. To achieve this, measure your eye and prepare your lashes for trimming. Use clean, unused false lashes by placing it upon your eyelid with a pair of tweezers or your fingers; this is to ensure the correct length of your eye size.

Place the false eyelashes exactly where your natural eyelashes begin at the inner corner of the eye and allow the excess roll over to the outer corner of the eye then cut it precisely at the point where your natural lashes end.

Apply Mascara

It’s recommended to apply mascara to give your eyelashes more grip. Mascara also helps maintain a sharp look even when you should be looking tired as a result of insufficient night rest. Mascara can double as eyeliner when you are running low on your eyeliner. Avoid getting mascara on your magnetic lash. Keep your lashes clean. Mascara should be added before not on the false eyelashes

Use a pencil eyeliner

Regular eyeliner can look great, but the pencil eyeliner is divine and delivers a more precise look. Avoid using liquid-based make-up as it doesn’t last long, and it’s dangerous to the eyes.

Apply Magnetic eyelashes

Now, you can now apply magnetic lashes. All you need do is lay the upper magnetic lash across the top of your lash line, then you place the under magnetic lash from the tray and place it underneath your natural lash line. There!!! Your magnetic lashes are locked in place.

How to Remove Magnetic Lash

However, you may want to know how to take off the magnets to avoid damaging your eyes. To remove lashes, gently pull them apart by lifting the top lash up and pulling the bottom one down. Or slide the top and bottom magnets away from each other. Avoid pulling them straight off as this could harm your natural lash.

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