Levy Tran Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, and Lifestyle


Levy Tran, also known as Goldfish, is a popular American professional personality, actress and a model in the entertainment industry; let’s look at Levy Tran net worth, biography, age, height, and lifestyle.

Levy Tran is a well- known beauty with brain individual in America due to her excellent acting and modelling career, which made her second to none. She became a popular personality in 2015, when she first joined the mainstream and acted in the blockbuster film “Fast and Furious 7”.

Levy is known with numerous tattoos all over her body, which make her a distinct fellow among other actresses. She is also a top model as she has appeared in popular magazines like “Glass Magazine”, “Inked Magazine”, “Tattoo Life”, and many more.

It is also of importance to note that Levy is also a popular personality on social media, who engages well with her fans. She does this by posting her pictures and videos on social media sites, like Instagram, Facebook, twitter, YouTube and others, where her followers and admirers can see how charming and talented she truly is.

She is a renowned professional and successful actress in United States which brought about her popular personality today.

You may already have some ideas about the popular actress’ personality before, but in this article you will be provided with further information on everything you wish to know about the popular model/actress. Let’s dive deep into the facts about Levy Tran net worth, biography, age, height, and lifestyle.

Levy Tran Net Worth

Levy Tran Net Worth

Levy Tran’s has been raiding the internet with her excellent acting career as she has played a great role in lots of movies (female fight squad, guy code etc). Her primary and major source of income is from her acting career as she is a well-known actress in United States.

Following the acknowledgement of Wikipedia, Forbes on-line resources and all other online sites, Levy trans total net-worth with regards to her housing, cars, salaries, day-to-day expense, lifestyle, properties, estimated earnings and lots more as at 2020 is estimated to be approximately $1million dollars to $12million as she earns approximately 200000USD as her monthly income.

Levy Tran Early Life


The charming and popular actress was born on April 8, 1983, in San Jose, California, USA. There wasn’t really much information known about her parent and her childhood except the fact that the parents were Vietnamese immigrant and she has a younger sister named chi and were both raised in California, USA.

Following her early life career which started quite a number of years ago, she started as a kindergarten school teacher. Due to her beauty and talent, she started pursuing her modelling career where she later took the nickname goldfish due to her amazing, professional and unique style of modelling coupled with of her fashion sense.

This made her appear in popular and leading magazines and also bags endorsement deals with some agencies such as “Daniel Hoff” agencies and lots more, which actually opened the door to her popularity.

She started her acting career in 2012 and has appeared in series like “gun girl” and “guy code”, she became successful when she expanded her acting abilities in 2015 after she made a remarkable appearance in the movie titled “fast and furious 7” and in years after she also acted in movies like “Silk Road” as well as “Family Fight Squad” in year 2018 which actually played a huge role in building her career development.

Levy Tran’s Personal Life and Lifestyle

Every individual has his /her own personality which distinguishes him/her from other human beings. The amazing actress/model doesn’t really like publicising her personal life and as such the information gathered about this beauty with brain is minimal most especially her dating life.

Talking about Tran’s personal life, emphasis must be placed on the tattoo made all over her body which has actually drawn a lot of people’s attention as to whether the tattoo is real or not.

Goldfish’ passion/desire for tattoo started from the bunch of stars she made on her back before she then later started making numerous designs e.g zombie which she attributed to a professional skill attained by her and many others all over her body. The tattoos seen on her body depict a complete picture, each element of which supplement all other ones.

The charming beauty also build a social life for herself on lots of social media platforms and explores different opportunities on the platform such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube and snapchat by dropping hot pictures of herself which evidently no man can resist this beauty queen with the combination of talent and brain. Goldfish has gained herself currently more than 230 thousand followers on Instagram and she also has more than 30.8k followers on twitter.

As a result of the confidential nature of her personal life, it is difficult to deduce the status of her current relationship as to whether she is in one or not. However, it was rumoured that she had a relationship with one of the actors though the actress never said anything about it so there was no evidence as to whether it is true or not.

Therefore, we can actually hope that when the actress finally finds love she will gladly and willingly share without it been rumoured about.

Tran’s also competed for the role of the race starter in “Fast and Furious 7” and as such the movie received a whole lots of positive reviews and as well recorded millions of commercial success in 2015 and then she later went on to own appearances on TV series “Jungle Justice”, “Gun Girl” and so on in 2015 up-to-date.

Levy Tran Career and Achievements

Goldfish started to pursue her modelling career in 2011 but she began to gain ground in Los Angeles in 2012. Her face started to gain popularity in well- known magazines such as the “Glass Magazine”, “Inked Magazine”, etc.

After various commercials done by Tran at Los Angeles, she started her wins in modelling as a prime Asian female model. The numerous tattoos on her body is always attributed to a particular skill or goal achieved, though, it is obvious that her favourite tattoo is the zombie tattoo which is attributable to its superior skills.

Tran’s appeared in a disputable music video known as ‘Asian Girls’ created by Day higher than Ground. She started showing up as an actress in 2015 in her first movie “Fast and Furious 7” and in the following years she started to show up in various movies like “Haunting of hill house”, “ilk road” and lots more.

Levy Tran Аgе, Неіght, Wеіght & Воdу Меаѕurеmеntѕ

Levy Tran height

Levy Tran became an American citizen by birth though it was evident that her parents are from Vietnamese. Goldfish is currently 39years of age, the beauty is 5 feet 8 inches meter in height and weight 65kilogram, her chest size is 42inches. She has dark falling hair and dark black eyes. She is a successful American actress.

Her favorite food is Italian cuisine and pizza. She has a slim and fascinating fit body which is a dream for many young girls. It can be drawn from all these attributes above that the lady has a well-proportioned body. She entertains her fans through her fascinating pictures and videos that inspire and show her rich world on social media to keep her fans updated.

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