Linda Ikeji biography, husband, blog and net worth

Linda Ikeji’s biography, husband, House, Cars, blog & net worth

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is a successful Nigerian blogger and millionaire entrepreneur. She is an ex-model whose life is a source of inspiration to many young ladies all over the world. This article is about the biography of Linda Ikeji, her blog and her net worth.  

 She is from Nkwerre community in Imo state, born 19th September 1980 to a low income earning family.  Linda is the second of the seven children, and her writing journey began at age 10.

She studied English at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), this shows her passion for what she loves best which is writing. She graduated 2004 and moved into different career options before becoming a blogger. The most striking thing about Linda is the way she built a multi-million dollar business from a free blog.

Linda Ikeji Biography

Linda began her career very lowly as a waiter in a restaurant while trying to support her family and her dreams. She was able to keep herself despite the pressure to become like other girls who trade themselves for money. She chooses to become reserved.

Then she moved on to become a model for popular fashion brands. In the modelling business, she trained young women teaching them modelling. Soon she moved on to create her own modelling company and fashion magazine.

Blogging career

Linda’s twelve years blogging journey has never been that smooth, there have been tough times and sometimes criticism along the way, but she has been consistent all these while and it has paid off in great quantity for her.

She started her blog in 2006 with no intentions to make a profit. She was into blogging as a hobby and not for the profit. So her beginning days was spent blogging about herself. She made use of the free version of BlogSpot all these while.  

Linda’s motivation to take blogging seriously began in 2007 when Bellanaija wrote a blog post about her, this increased her interest in blogging.

The special thing about Linda’s blog is that at the earlier part of her blog, she ventured into gossips and gists, these areas of news were not so popular in the country at that time. This gave her headway, as she became a pioneer of that niche. Right now she has evolved with her blog to diver are as such as entertainment, fashion, celebrities and many more.

Today, for many African readers and the world at large, Linda’s blog is a go-to place for celebrity news, gossips, and latest gist’s. A new blog post is released sometimes every minute in her blog, and the comments arising from the blog posts are exciting and sometimes controversial. Her blog currently gets up to 100, 000 unique visitors per day from search engine queries.

This made her eligible for Google ads and this is what opened up the door to her millions. Linda’s blog runs online advertising and this is estimated to bring to her purse a sum of N 5 million monthly.

Accomplishments as a blogger

After becoming so good with blogging, she received the Nigerian blog award for best entertainment blogs in 2013, a feat she got with diligence and hard work.

On the social media platform, she is raging hot with a whopping 750,000 followers on Twitter, and then her Facebook page has over 36,000-page likes and over 52,000 followers on Instagram. Thus in the social media aspect, she is an influencer.

One of her greatest achievement was when she used her blog posts to release a young girl imprisoned without trial who was innocent. She wrote about this in her blog, and then with the influence and how the issue went viral, the young lady was released in two days’ time. Therefore, with this event, Linda contributes to society in a positive way.

She also hosts a program for young girls in whom she gives training and motivations for entrepreneurial ventures. She has written books that help to motivate young ladies to give their best.

After the success of her blog, Linda did not stop there as she went on establishing other business ventures such as her music business Linda Ikeji’s music where emerging stars and musicians in Nigeria are being promoted. She also went on establishing her online radio and her TV station Linda Ikeji’s TV.

Linda got the Nigeria Blog Award NBA for best entertainment blog in 2013, and then the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Award for websites/ blog of the year in 2013. She also received an award from the Trinity International University Georgia for her outstanding work in business and media in the country.

Linda Ikeji’s Husband

Linda’s love story began when she dated Dan Foster of Cool FM but didn’t turn into a marriage relationship.  Therefore, she became single and began searching for a man, who is hardworking and diligent like her. She believes in a man who believes in her vision and can support her.

However, Linda met and dated Sholaye Jeremi an oil mogul. She explained her relationship with Sholaye Jeremi in one of her blog posts; Linda met him not too long after she moved into her Banana island in Ikoyi Lagos. It was captivating according to her narration to see a man that was as charming as he was.

When Linda met him, and they two fell in love almost instantly, and then they both made plans to get married, and everything was looking perfectly laid out until Jeremy complained about Linda’s public life. Sholaye Jeremi is a very private businessperson, so it was a bit contrary to deal with the public life of Linda.

The issue got serious as the relationship began to grow cold, and distant increasing. Despite this, it wasn’t long before Linda got pregnant for Sholaye and then gave birth to her baby boy. Though both of them are not married, they are still in touch.

Linda IKeji biography has been tainted with this story but she has managed to rise above everything.

Linda Ikeji’s Net worth, Cars and Houses

When it comes to Linda’s net worth, she is one of the highest-paid bloggers in Nigeria, and her net worth is about N 3.2 billion. This made her become the first Nigerian billionaire blogger and writer.

With her enormous wealth, she later bought a very costly car the Infinity FX 35 SUV with an estimated cost of over N 8 million. She also bought her recent duplex in Banana Island Ikoyi Lagos state worth over N5 million and then a new house in Imo state for her parents.

She has spent 50 million Naira collectively both for herself and her parents on cars and has spent N300 million for the houses she has both for herself and her parents.

She makes so much money from her ads revenue and AdSense monthly that the N 3.2 billion is justified even by Forbes.

So this Linda Ikeji biography and she is still writing more epistles with her lifestyle and making more waves with her business ventures. 

She is considered a role model for Nigerian upcoming entrepreneurs to follow, and there is much to learn about her life in regards to persistence and hard work.

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