boo meaning in a relationship base

What does a Boo mean in a relationship

Have you ever wondered what does it mean to call someone boo? do you find it daunting understanding what baby boo means? In this article, we will find out more about the meaning of boo in a relationship.

we call know that boo is a name for lovers, but what we find as curious is the actual meaning of the word.

Meaning of Boo

Boo is an endearment used when referring to our significant other. It is similar to calling that special one “baby”, “honey”, “sweetheart” and so on.

It’s actually synonymous with bae or baby boo. So, when you say bae or boo, you mean precisely the same thing.

How did the word Boo become popular?

Surprisingly, the word “boo” although new in Nigeria, has been around for ages. It can be traced to the French word “beau” which means “beautiful” when referring to a male admirer.

Beau is correctly pronounced as Bo and often mispronounced as Boo. It is the mispronounced version that has made its way into the African content after the french colonization of the Carribean Islands.

So, in American slag, it has become a word for our significant other.

Is boo an ugly word?

Some people especially the older generation find the words boo or bae distasteful. Usually, it’s because they have no idea about its meanings.

The younger generations are used to the words. But, sometimes, many of them have no idea about its meaning and use them recklessly. You will find photos with captions containing the words boo or baes, everywhere on the social media.

Boo or bae are slangs but not all slangs have evil meaning. These ones are affectionate terms that have been around for ages. It really means we care or love who every we describe in those words.

So, the next time you call someone , you are calling that person your sweetheart, boyfriend, girlfriend or someone you care about deeply. You can also use those words to refer to someone in your family or close friends.

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