Best Movie Downloader App For Downloading Videos

Best Movie Downloader Apps For Downloading Videos

In this post, I will be reviewing some of the best Movie Downloader Apps For Android.\YouTube is a great platform for streaming videos and latest contents on the Web. But it stabs you right in the middle of your heart when you try endlessly to download your favourite contents into into smartphone.

Yes, that ouch-ey feeling you get when you can’t find the download button or link to your favourite content online. Sucks right? Definitely!

Throw the YouTube app out into the garbage truck? Probably not. So how do you get to view your favourite content offline, on your phone. Fear not! There are tons of third-party apps out there to do your bidding. Can you download with them? Yes! Can you stream contents with them? Yes again!

Below, is a compiled list of 8 useful android apps that won’t let you break a bead of sweat. They can help you download videos from YouTube and many other video sharing sites.

Movie Downloader Apps For Android

1. Videoder

Videoder is one of the best Movie Downloader Apps For Android and is a great tool for downloading your favourite video contents online, into your android phone. The app comes with an easy-to-use user interface and it is superbly customised.

The android app allows you to download from various video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. You can download videos faster on this app. Videoder also comes with an inbuilt video player, bundled with different themes. The free version is packed with plenty of ads. Don’t want any pop-ups, get the Videoder Premium plugin from Playstore.

You won’t find Videoder in the playstore. However, you can get it on the apps official website Videoder

2. Tubemate

Tubemate is an excellent third-party video android app downloader. It comes with built-in browser that can help you visit video sharing sites. Not only can you access those sites, you can download from them using Tubemate. It offers different video formats and files to suit your preference.

Tubemate is a magnificent video downloader, it has a few cons though. You have to deal with the annoying adds that are in the app.Get the app now. Download Tubemate for android, visit

3. KeepVid

KeepVid is an awesome downloader for users who are hungry for 4K videos. It is one of the popular apps around and most used, that offers a variety of options for users.

KeepVid allows you to download video contents from more than 27 video sharing sites, including YouTube, Facebook, etc. It is easy to navigate,

and packs its own built-in video and audio player.

KeepVid also allows you download videos in mp3 formats without downloading any external plugin. KeepVid is entirely free and contains no in-app purchases. But they are ads in the free version.

4. Snaptube

Looking for a downloader that’s simple and light on your smartphone? Snaptube checks it all. It is user-friendly and has a unique YouTube search box, allowing you to look for contents on the site.

Snaptube allows you to share your videos with friends and loved ones on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. You can choose the quality of video you want before downloading it. Downloaded video goes straight into your device storage. Snaptube also allows you to view your downloaded files in music and video categories too. You can get Snaptube from its official site. It is free, but contains ads.

Download Snaptube (

5. InsTube

InsTube is an great YouTube downloader. It is highly customisable, allowing you to bookmark your favourite video sharing sites. Don’t want the someone else viewing your videos, InsTube allow you to hide them from anyone.

Just like every other third-party android downloader, you can download videos from popular sites like Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo etc.

InsTube also allows you to download videos at a faster rate. The only con is it comes loaded with stubborn ads, and you remove them. Get InsTube from its official website Instube (

6. Vidmate

This is one of the most reliable android downloaders in the market. You can download myriads of video contents online with Vidmate. It is an extremely powerful downloader, that not only allows you to stream just video contents, but allows you download them.

You have options to download and watch movies, series, tv shows, directly from the app when you use its search bar. It offers great downloading speed, and allows you to pause your downloads for long periods, without any breaks when you chose to resume later. Just like InsTube, Vidmate allow you to hide and encrypted your video.

Download Vidmate using this link: Vidmate (

7. YT3 Youtube Downloader

YT3 Youtube Downloader has an easy laid back interface, which is easy to use, and understand. You can download YouTube videos in mp3 or mp4 formats when you use YT3 downloader.

This app allows you to preview a song before you download it. It also shows you the song’s lyrics as you preview, before downloading it.

Download YT3 Youtube Downloader using this link: YT3 Downloader  (

8. NewPipe

NewPipe is extremely lightweight in nature and won’t cause any smartphone lag, a perfect video downloader for phones with smaller RAMs.

Unlike other listed apps above, NewPipe provides you with the real YouTube experience. There are no ads and it is very easy to use. It has an awesome music player that allow you to play songs from YouTube in the background, while using other apps.

NewPipe brings to the table user privacy. It does not gather your phone’s data from previous searches or results. You can also download 4K videos. It allows you to subscribe to various channels on YouTube. NewPipe is available on F-Droid.

Tell us what other best Movie Downloader Apps For Android you feel should have been mentioned in this article, in the comments section.

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