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What is N-power Nigeria? Programmes and Website


Do you have confusions about the government scheme, N-Power? We will explain what is N-Power? the programs you can enjoy and the websites you must use.

When the Federal Government introduced N-Power, several years back, lots of people were skeptical about the scheme. Over the years, there are has been lots of rumours and questions concerning the true foundations. In this article, we will explain the true purpose of the N-Power program

What is N-Power Nigeria?

The Federal Government created N-Power for the purpose of providing jobs to the Nigerian people. Through this scheme, the Federal Government plans to reduce unemployment by training them and providing employment opportunities. 

The scheme is designed for Nigerians between the ages of 18 to 35. With this scheme, unemployed graduates will receive training, practical knowledge and funds to ease the process.

The goals of the N-Power program include:

  • To diminish unemployment rate in the country
  • To develop a system that will enable the transfer of employability, technical and entrepreneurial skills.
  • To implement solutions that will bring about the Government diversification policy

N-Power Programmes and Website

The N-Power program provides trainings that span across different sectors. But the programmes are divided into two main categories.

  1. N-Power Graduate Categories
  2. N-Power Non-Graduate Categories

N-Power Graduate Categories

The N-Power Graduate Category is also called N-Power Volunteers. It includes schemes for unemployed Nigerians who have received tertiary training. All participants in this category will receive technological tools ( e.g, a Laptop or Tablet) to facilitate their learning process.

N-Power Agro

Npower Agro is open to all graduates who will provide advisory services to farmers across the country. They must degrees in fields surrounding argriculture. The federal Ministry of Argirculture and Rural Development will provide instructional materials and devices which they will in turn dissemnitate to farmers across Nigeria

N-Power Health

The N-Power Health Volunteers will assist in local communities across Nigeria. They will provide and promote preventive care to vulnerable members of the society especially children and pregnant women.

N-Power Teach

The N-Power Teach Volunteers will provide teaching services across primary and secondary schools in Nigeria. They will not replace existing teachers but will act as assistants or support teachers.

N-Power Tax

The N-Power Tax volunteers will work as Community Tax Liaison Officers in their states of residence. They will help create awareness of the importance of complying with tax rules. They will also help with customer management and online inquiries.

N-Power Non-Graduate Programs

This category is meant for non-graduates who require skills to improve their employability. The program will offer training and certification programs to all successful candidates. There are two main areas in this scheme.

N-Power Knowledge

This program will train non-graduates in several skills across technological and creative industries. Participants from this program can work as freelancers, employees or entrepreneurs. Participants will be trained in Creatives, tech hardware and tech software.


N-Power Build

This is open to non-graduates who want to be trained as technians, artisans and service professionals. Focus industries for this program include construction, automotive, aliminium, gas, building services and utilities.

How to Register for the N-Power Program

There are some requirements you must meet to be admitted into the program. The Selection is based on the following reasons:

  • Participants must be between the age 18 to 35
  • Should have problem solving skills
  • Must pass two relevant tests
  • Should have a flair to become the best versions of themselves
  • Must be willing to self-train on the N-Power training platform
  • Must be prepared to leave their comfort zone

To facilitate your registration, you need a BVN, CV, Passport and email address. Depending on the category, you might need an NYSC Certificate and ND or NCE degree certificate

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