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20 Best online stores in nigeria| Naija Best Shopping sites

Want to know eBay alternatives in Nigeria? Check out the Naija best online shopping sites.

We have recently seen Konga online shopping and Jumia Nigeria, making waves. But what you don’t know is that we have many other online shopping sites in Nigeria as well. In this article, we will list some of the Nigerian best online stores.

1. Jumia

Jumia is one of the most visited online shopping sites in Nigeria. They make a lot of massive sales across different categories of products online. You can buy clothes, groceries, electronics, cosmetics and so much more. 

2. Konga

Konga is one of the 8th most visited websites in Nigeria. They sell all kinds of products, including fashion accessories, gadgets and many more. You can pay with cash on delivery or by using your debit card. You can also use Kongapay, which is a more convenient and secure outlet for making payments. 

3. Slot

Slot is an offline eCommerce platform specializing in computers, electronics, smartphones and many other kinds of gadgets. You can find their stores all around Nigeria in major cities. They can also deliver to their customers, but such services are only available in Lagos and Abuja. They also offer credit to customers using Diamond and First bank


Olx is also Naija’s best online shopping sites. Everyone can buy and sell products on the platform. They have a user friendly website that is preferred by millions of Nigerians. You can even sell your home on Olx, which is very good.


Jiji is a massive eCommerce platform; you can buy both new and fairly used products of all kinds. You can also advertise your products and services on the network. All sellers on are independent but you have to be very careful. Never send money to the seller before you receive the product.


Yudala is a fast-growing online shopping site in Nigeria. They have several retail outlets in Lagos and are spreading throughout Nigeria. You can buy all kinds of products on the platform ranging from skincare to electronics and fashion.

7. Parktel Online

Parktel Online is an amazing eCommerce shopping site in Nigeria. They are well known for their mobile phone distribution to many places across Nigeria. You can buy all kinds of mobile phones from the platform, including Apple, Blackberry, LG, Huawei and many more.

8. Dealdey

Dealdey is a fantastic online shopping site in Nigeria. You can buy all kinds of things and will receive excellent support in making good savings. They have lots of promotions which earn you back as twice as you spend on products as well as their exclusive range of tech products 

9. Taafoo

Taafoo is one of Naija’s best online shopping sites. You can buy lots of things on the website, but you don’t need to be worried about their website moving from to As long as you buy things above N5, 000, they can send your items without having to pay for delivery. 

10. Payporte

Pay Porte is a unique eCommerce platform. They are one of Naija’s best online shopping sites. You can buy all kinds of things or partner with them and showcase your products. You need a reputable business to join the partnerships.

11. VConnect Nigeria

VConnect isn’t just an eCommerce website; it is a full-service outfit. You can advertise your company, product or services and get in touch with a wide range of businesses across Nigeria. VConnect also offers payment and logistics features for particular products.


Kara is one of Naija’s best online shopping sites where you can buy phones and computers. You can pay online, through your card or pay on delivery. They operate like Jumia using suppliers who answer to the operating platform. 

13. is an online grocery store in Lagos. It is currently one of Naija’s best online shopping sites, but they sell only fresh groceries. They will deliver whatever groceries or fruits to you wherever you are in Lagos. 


Alibaba, a China eCommerce company, owns AliExpress. AliExpress sells all kinds of things. They are similar to eBay because all sellers are independent.


If you want to buy automobiles, electrical products, computer products, and power/energy products, Kara is the right choice. They are one of Naija’s best online shopping sites. 

16. Printivo Store

Do you need designs for your billboards, press release, business cards, and many more? This is one of Naija’s best online shopping sites for this reason. Designers from all over Nigeria sell their designs on this website. You can also request custom designs if you want right here on this platform.

17. Ajebo Market

Ajebo market was created by innovators who want to become one of the best in Nigeria. Today, they are not just Naija’s best online shopping sites but have moved to the African scene. They sell all kinds of fashion products and accessories. 

18. 3C Hub

If you want to see a wide range of digital products offline, 3C Hub is a fantastic platform. They have all kinds of gadjects and electronics at their retail outlets across Nigeria.

19. Gidimall

Gidimall is a fascinating online shopping site in Nigeria. You can buy fashion products, phones, computers, food products, and fashion. You can buy all manner of things here at a competitive price.

20. Kaymu.con

Kaymu is also another lovely platform that works like eBay. You can buy a wide range of products on this website, no matter where you are in Nigeria. They sell everything from fashion to jewelry and even things you won’t imagine.

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