Opay POS Vs Baxi POS

Opay POS Vs Baxi POS: Which Is Better?


In recent times, there has been a significant increase in the use of Point of Sale (POS) terminals for carrying out transactions. This is not surprising as POS terminals offer a convenient and secure means of carrying out transactions, especially for businesses that engage in cashless transactions. In Nigeria, two of the leading POS terminal providers are Opay and Baxi. In this article, we will compare Opay POS and Baxi POS to determine which is better.

What is a POS terminal?
A POS terminal is a device that allows merchants to accept payments from customers using debit or credit cards. They are an essential tool for businesses that want to accept cashless payments.

Opay POS vs. Baxi POS: Which is Better?

To determine which POS terminal is better, we will compare Opay POS and Baxi POS based on the following criteria:

  1. Cost:
    The cost of acquiring a POS terminal is an important factor that businesses consider when choosing a POS provider. In terms of cost, both Opay and Baxi offer affordable POS terminals. However, Opay POS is slightly cheaper than Baxi POS.
  2. User interface:
    The user interface of a POS terminal is an important factor that affects the user experience. Opay POS has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, while Baxi POS has a more complex interface that may be difficult for some users to navigate.
  3. Customer support:
    The quality of customer support provided by a POS provider is important, especially when issues arise with the POS terminal. Both Opay and Baxi offer good customer support, but Opay has been reported to have a more responsive and efficient customer support team.
  4. Availability:
    The availability of POS terminals is an important factor to consider when choosing a POS provider. Opay POS terminals are available in more locations than Baxi POS terminals.
  5. Transaction fees:
    Transaction fees are an important consideration for businesses that use POS terminals. In terms of transaction fees, both Opay and Baxi charge similar fees, but Opay charges slightly lower transaction fees than Baxi.

Table Comparison:

CriteriaOpay POSBaxi POS
CostCheaperSlightly more expensive
User interfaceUser-friendlyComplex
Customer supportResponsive and efficientGood
AvailabilityMore widely availableLess widely available
Transaction feesLower feesSlightly higher fees


Based on the above criteria, it is clear that Opay POS is better than Baxi POS. Opay POS is cheaper, has a more user-friendly interface, has better customer support, is more widely available, and charges lower transaction fees than Baxi POS. Businesses that are looking for a reliable and affordable POS terminal should consider Opay POS.

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