Peace Corps of Nigeria: Rank and Salary Structure


The Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN) is tasked with empowering, developing and providing gainful employment for the youths. Other mandates include facilitation of peace, community services, volunteerism, nation-building and neighbourhood watch. It is a non-governmental uniformed organization founded by Dickson A.O Akoh on July 10, 1998, in Kaduna State. We shall be discussing the rank and salary structure of the Peace Corps of Nigeria. The motto of PCN is “Discipline and Patriotic services”.

Peace Corps of Nigeria Ranking system

For prospective Peace Corps members, it is important to note the ranking system of the organisation. Below is the ranking system of PCN;

  • Commandant General (CG): 1 npc arm, 2 star & 1 eagle.
  • Deputy Commandant General (DCG): 1 npc arm, 1 star & 1 eagle.
  • Assistant Commandant General (ACG): 1 npc arm, 1 npc bar & 1 eagle.
  • Commandant (CN): 1 npc arm & 1 eagle.
  • Deputy Commandant (DCN): 1 npc arm & 1 star.
  • Assistant Commandant (ACN): 1 npc arm.
  • Chief Superintendent (CSN): 1 star & 1 eagle.
  • Superintendent (SN): 1 eagle.
  • Deputy Superintendent (DSN): 3 star
  • Assistant Superintendent 1 (ASN 1): 2 star.
  • Assistant Superintendent 2 (ASN 2): 1 star
  • Inspector 1: 3 strip metal bar
  • Inspector 2: 2 strip metal bar
  • Inspector 3: 1 strip metal bar
  • Corper Assistant 1 (corper 1): 3 strip wool bar
  • Corper Assistant 2 (corper 2): 2 strip wool bar
  • Corper Assistant 3 (corper 3): 1 strip wool bar
  • Private Corper: 1 empty wool bar

Private corper is the lowest rank in Peace Corps of Nigeria while Commandant General is the highest rank. There are six slots for Deputy Commandant General and six slots for Assistant Commandant General. Aside from ranking officers, PCN offers membership opportunity in three categories; Permanent Staff Officers, Peace Corps Volunteer and Student Membership. This member opportunity is reserved for Nigerians aged 18 to 35.

Peace Corps of Nigeria Salary Structure

Since PCN is a non-governmental organization, their salary structure is different from military force such as Navy, Army and Air force. The organisation relies on public donations both local and foreign. They also receive grants for specific projects, government or private corporation endowments. For now, there is no official report on the salary structure of the Peace Corps of Nigeria. But don’t expect it to be anywhere near that of Navy, Air force and Army.

Nigeria Peace Corps Latest News

The Peace Corps of Nigeria has set up aggressive international fundraising for the completion of its premier academy at Ogoli-Ugboju, Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State. The academy is sitting on a 14-hectare land. The House of Representatives will reconsider the Peace Corps (Establishment) bill in the committee of the Whole without commencing de-novo.

What are the functions of the Peace Corps

  1. To enlist, mobilise, train, orientate and provide gainful employment for the youths in order to develop them as supporting agents of social order by providing a second line of public safety.
  2. To uphold bottom-up surveillance through monitoring and observation and to detect, collate, analyse and transmit intelligence data on matters that may likely cause a breach of peace and security within the neighbourhood and transmit same to the appropriate Security Agency for pre-emptive measures/actions.
  3. To serve as a think tank and engage in educating residents of every community on security and safety measures peculiar to their neighbourhood.
  4. To carry out other functions as may be prescribed by an Act of the National Assembly or any Bye-law.
  5. To engage in Peace Education, Mediation and Conflict Resolution in order to advance the course of Peace-building, Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation in all communities in Nigeria.
  6. To set up a Centre saddled with the responsibility of training and building the capacity of the youths in the areas of Critical Thinking, Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurial and Skill Acquisition.
  7. To secure Educational Institutions from intruders and to combat all forms of social decadence/vices, including cultism and examination malpractices with a view to creating a peaceful and conducive atmosphere for learning.
  8. To serve as a Reservoir and Spring-board of man-power for volunteerism and involvement in social and community services such as Crowd Control, Tour Guard/Guide, Emergency Relief Services, Rehabilitation of Internally Displaced Persons, Voters’ Registration, Election Duties, Census, Immunization, Sanitation and First Aid.

This is a complete guide on everything relating to Peace Corps of Nigeria: Rank, salary structure, latest news and the functions. You can contact the organisation through email: for further enquiries.

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