Latest PVC Prices And Designs In Nigeria


Are you in need of PVCs or you desire to know the latest PVC prices and designs in Nigeria? This article is the ultimate guide for you!

pvc prices and designs

Making use of the right ceiling sets your home on a whole different level. This is because the beauty of the inner part of your home is made possible by the choice of your ceiling and you can’t go wrong by making Pvc your right choice.

In recent times, the use of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) in building houses has become the order of the day. As the use of asbestos sheets, which was in vogue then, is now running out of fashion and building style. The need to have something more beautiful and classy led to the current demand and use of PVCs as the ceiling.

PVCs are so popular in Nigeria these days and have become the most sought for and bought ceiling designs. They can be found in almost all living rooms in Nigeria including malls, offices, restaurants, and so on. Well, as they are now popular demands and use of PVC’s in Nigeria increases, so are the rush of designs and the increase in the prices as the year goes by. Even, with its gradual price increase, the PVC ceiling is still chosen as been the best when it comes to building.

Why The PVC Ceiling Over Others?

There are several advantages associated with making use of the PVC ceilings over the asbestos ceilings. These ceiling panels (PVC) are beauties to behold than any other type of ceiling currently used in building. So, if you go for the same color as your walls or curtains, then wow, the magic is set. Now, apart from the aesthetic flair which PVC adds to a building as it comes in various sizes, colors, and designs, it also comes with the noise-proof effect which helps in reducing the amount of sound that affects the roof, thereby creating a noiseless environment at the end of the day and enabling a more relaxing and comfortable environment.

PVCs are usually light weighted, you can install them very easily without stress as far as you got the right man for the job. Mind you, you don’t need to spend heavily on installing them. You can install them directly to the ceiling using nails, staples, or adhesives.

They are also very easy to clean up than other ceiling panels. Just with your rags and you are good to go.

PVCs are more durable as it’s lifeline is way longer than other ceiling panels, coupled with the fact that they are also economical and stronger than the asbestos.

Lastly, PVCs are made with soft materials.

This is the most important advantage of PVC. They contain very little additives that might be detrimental to people’s health. These materials undergo certain processes for them to obtain fine layers which would not affect people’s health, unlike asbestos.

Types Of PVC Ceiling Panels

There are two kinds which are: the one made in Nigeria and the imported PVC ceiling.

pvc prices and designs

The made in Nigeria PVC ceiling is seen as more original because, of its strong and heavy nature, than that of the imported ones. It costs much more than the imported type and sold 15pieces in a bundle. Meanwhile, it has no very attractive surface, and truth be told, people love beautiful things and can fall in love with them at first sight without getting to touch them first. This is where the imported PVC ceiling comes in. It has just attractiveness as its selling point because it is more attractive than the Nigerian type.

The imported PVC costs lower than that of the Nigerian made and it is packaged at 12pieces per bundle. It is the most bought piece due to its attractiveness. As the saying goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It all depends on the users’ preference. While, some might go for the wooden design because it has a more mature and natural look and it’s way cooler as it adds class to the interior of the house others might prefer the mixed designs.

Prices Of Pvc Ceiling Panels In Nigeria

PVCs are not cheap materials at all and neither are they very expensive. The price of the PVC ceiling panel in Nigeria ranges from N6,000 to N25,000 depending on the place you choose to buy from, the design you pick, the quality of the PVC as well as the rate of the dollar.

So, when it comes to pricing, the two types of PVC ceiling are different, and also their prices are based on the quantity in each bundle.

The one made in Nigeria which is usually 15 pieces per bundle is between the price range of N16,000 to N25,000 depending on what design you pick, the quantities you are buying, and the market location. Meanwhile, the imported PVC ceiling panel which usually comes in 12 pieces per bundle is sold at N6,000 to about N14,000 per bundle still depending on how well you bargain, the quantity, and other factors.

So, whether you opt for asbestos or PVC ceiling for your building, you should settle for that which you like as well as what suits your taste and that which you can afford.

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