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Is Reddit SoccerStreams Banned? Check out Best Alternatives For /r/soccerstreams


Is Reddit SoccerStreams banned? This is the question a lot of Reddit soccer fans are asking. You can check out the best alternatives for /r/soccerstreams. This subreddit is or was one of the most popular ones for soccer fans on Reddit. It had over 500,000 subscribers. But as you might have noticed now, the subreddit has been taken down after receiving multiple copyright infringement warnings from the English Premier League (EPL) and its teams.

We all saw this coming from a mile away, a huge subreddit like that posting links to watch live soccer games for free will attract the attention of the EPL. But there is no need to dwell and sober on bad news, especially when there is good news to uplift your spirit and soul.

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Best Alternatives for /r/soccerstreams

The good news is that there are many other subreddit that can supply you with free links to watch live soccer games. But considering the war waged against this live-streaming subreddit and the fact that moderators are constantly hunting them down, there is no saying how long the subreddit listed in this article will last. We’ll try our best to give you quite a few, so you can have options should any one of them get taken down.

Soccer Streams69

The /r/soccerstreams69 is deserving of being on this list of best alternatives for /r/soccerstreams. It is a great community for soccer fans to keep getting live updates about the sport. A live streaming link of popular soccer games is posted on the subreddit. We recommend that you subscribe to get updates, live streaming links, and interact with the community.

Red Soccer

After /r/soccerstreams got banned, a lot of alternative subreddits were created. But not many have been able to last as long as /r/redsoccer has so far. It is a very fun community of soccer fans from across the world, especially in Europe. They post live-streaming links to soccer games a few minutes before kickoff.

Reddit Soccer

The /r/reddisoccer is another popular subreddit for soccer fans to join. At the time of writing this article, they have over 15,000 subscribers. Granted it is not as big of a community as /r/soccerstreams was but with moderators constantly chasing this type of subreddit, you just have to enjoy them while they are still here.


We can’t finish this article about the best alternatives for /r/soccerstreams without talking about the most popular soccer subreddit. Yes, it is the most popular with over 2.5 million subscribers. The downside of /r/soccer is that they don’t post live streaming links which could be why they have managed to stay alive this long. However, with such a large community, it is a great place for soccer fans to be. You’ll get current and trending news and updates about your favourite teams and clubs.


Football Highlights

From the name, you can denote what this subreddit is all about. /r/footballhighlights is the place to be for links to best-quality football videos and highlights. There are over 180,000 members and it’s only going to get bigger and better. If you love watching highlights of football games, especially in European top leagues, then you should become a member of the subreddit.

Discord Channels

Yes, discord channels are some of the best alternatives for /r/soccerstreams. Reddit as a forum is hell-bent on deleting or banning any subreddit or member that’s constantly posting live illegal streaming links. This makes Discord a good place to migrate to for soccer fans. Some of the best discord channels where you can get live streaming links for free are Soccer69, Soccerlive, live soccer e.t.c. Soccer69 has over 25,000 members and they are all very active, especially during the weekends when there are lots of soccer games to watch.

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