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How to Send Messages to TV on BBNaija Show

Do you know you can easily send messages or comments to TV on BBNaija show? Would you like to see your message or comment appear on the BBNaija Show? Well, in this post, we’ll be showing you the three ways you can use to send messages to the Big Brother Naija Season 7 show.

Season 7 of the popular Nigerian TV show kicked off on Sunday 24 July at 19:00 WAT. The main sponsor for Big Brother Naija Season 7 is Abeg and Flutterwave is the associate sponsor. To get fans invested in the show, Africa Magic has introduced a new and exciting way for Big Brother Naija fans to share comments, opinions, and gossip that will be rolled out on the screen of the show.

How to make your Messages/Comments on BBNaija Show

Option 1: Send a Message via their Website

Big Brother Naija fans can now send a message to the TV screen via the Big Brother Naija website at www.Africa To do this, click on MSG2TV, then log in using either personal details or a Facebook account. Once you’re logged in, create a message and send it. Then go wait in front of the TV screen to see your message appear. You can keep using the method to message Big Brother Naija all season long and be a part of the conversation.

Option 2: Send a Message via their Official Facebook Page

Another option on how to send messages/comments to TV on the BBNaija show is through their official Facebook page. Go to their page on Facebook – write and send your message to the TV screen by posting it there. By leaving a comment on any of their posts on Facebook or creating a post on their Facebook wall, it will appear on the TV screen during the show.

Option 3: Send Message on Twitter #bbnaija

Twitter fans of Big Brother Naija are not left out as they too can send their message to the TV screen of the show by tweeting with the hashtag #bbnaija. Once you tweet, sit back on your couch, watch the show and see your message appear at the bottom of your TV screen.

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