www.O2tvseries.com: How To Download Free Series on O2tvseries


If you’re a fan of TV series then you’d have heard about O2tvseries as it is by far one of my best websites for latest TV series. Chances are, you’ve heard of the O2tvseries but if you haven’t then keep reading. O2tvseries is a website dedicated to TV shows and have amassed quite a collection of TV shows, both old and new ones.

One thing I like about the website is how clean and neat the website is. It has also been around for quite a while and most importantly, it is free – no monthly subscription or anything like that.

At the top of the website is contact us message which you can use to request for a TV show you want to download that isn’t on the website yet. If enough people request a tv show that isn’t on the website, it gets added.

There is also a search bar you can use to quickly get to a series you want to download or simply check if the website has a particular TV shows. Below that is the recently added section where the newly added episodes of different TV shows are listed so you know what’s new just by visiting the website front page.

Next up is the categories list which has been grouped alphabetically in groups of three. So all the TV shows starting with A, B and C are out in one, D, E and F are out into another one and so forth. I find this method of grouping quite effective as it helps me get to my TV shows a lot quicker. You can also use the “List All Genre” at the top of the website if you like and are looking for a specific genre of TV shows to watch. Now that we know all about the website, let’s go ahead and Download from it.

How To Download Free Series On O2tvseries

  • Launch a Browser and Visit the O2tvseries website (www.O2tvseries.com)
  • Now, You can either use the search bar to search for a TV show, go through the genre category at the top of the website or Click on the alphabet that starts the name TV show.
  • When you see the TV show, Click on it. You’ll be shown a picture of the Series and How many seasons it has below it.
  • Next, Click on the season you want to download and choose an episode. You can use the next button towards the bottom to get to the last page in order to see episode one in some cases.
  • After choosing an episode, you’ll be presented with three options of video quality to choose from. Mp4 HD, Mp4 and 3gp. Older TV shows might have just 3gp or 3gp and Mp4 only.
  • Choose the preferred quality you want to download and you might be asked to input some numbers like filling a CAPTCHA. After that, play the video. Once it starts playing, you’ll see a down facing arrow close to it which you can tap to start the Download.
  • Once Download is done, you can now go ahead and enjoy your TV show.


There are other websites for TV shows like Tvshows4mobile.com which is also another favourite of mine but O2tvseries have been my number one for long and still is. If you run into any troubles while trying to download your favorites TV shows from O2tvseries then be sure to let us know though the comment section down below so we can help

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