how to remove individual eyelashes

Simple Guide on How to remove individual eyelashes

Looking good is the business of every woman. Individual lash extensions can create a dramatic and gorgeous look. But, sometimes they are so hard to pull out, and this can be a nuisance. Sometimes it can be tedious or painful. Depending on the kind you have on, you may not be able to get them out. To help you get them off easy and pain-free, here are some few tips to remove those individual eyelashes.

Clean the Area

Before you attempt removing the individual eyelashes, you should clean off every eye makeup, so you don’t make the mistake of pulling out the natural ones. To get rid of your eye makeup, you can use a ball of cotton pad soaked with baby oil or petroleum jelly to clean the area.

Removing Temporary Eyelashes or Semi-Permanent Lashes.

After cleaning the area, your next steps depend on the kind of falsies you have. Whether you used temporary eyelashes or semi-permanent lashes, you may use a lash remover, Coconut oil, baby oil or petroleum jelly. But, temporary and semi-permanent lashes require different techniques.

Temporary Eyelashes

Since these lashes are done with temporary glue, a good oil soak can get them off. Soak a cotton pad in your desired makeup remover (baby oil, coconut oil, etc). Close your eye and hold the pad over it for about 20 seconds. You can repeat this for as long as it should take to lift away the lashes without pulling your skin.

Semi-Permanent Lashes

You should get this removed at the salon, but it’s only a few hairs, then you can do them at home. Make sure you have wiped away other makeup and dirt. Now fill a bowl with steaming water. Place your face over the bowl, so the heat can get to the lashes and soften the adhesive. Cover your head with a towel, so the heat doesn’t escape. Remain in that position for 15 minutes so that the lashes will come away quickly.

Afterwards, use a cotton pad soaked in your makeup remover and swipe across the lash line. Your lash extensions should come away quickly.

Removing individual eyelashes can be tedious. But with these techniques make them painless. Don’t forget to clean and moisturize your skin afterwards, removing the individual eyelashes.

Also, make sure you don’t pull, twist, pick, or rub your lashes when you have them on. Doing any of this can damage your real lashes. If you tried any of these techniques and the falsies are sticking too close to your natural lashes, or too painful to remove, you should get them removed professionally.

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