Spectranet Selfcare Number

Spectranet Selfcare Number and How to Speak with an Agent


Spectranet is a popular internet service provider in Nigeria. They offer wireless broadband services and are the first to launch the 4G LTE network in Nigeria. This article will be an overview of Spectranet with a strong emphasis on their Selfcare Number, and how to speak with an agent. Are you a Spectranet customer and want to reach out to them, maybe to lay a complain, make a request, enquiry about their services? Or you are a potential Spectranet client looking to purchase one of its MiFi? Then, continue reading this article.

Spectranet Selfcare Number

For further information or enquiry about Spectranet data plans, contact their customer care support and speak to an agent. According to Spectranet, they retain the right to limit throughput speed to 8 Mbps. You’re advised to contact them and ask for their terms and conditions before you subscribe. We got you covered in case you don’t know how to contact Spectranet to inquire about all of these.

How to Speak to a Spectranet Customer Care agent

Spectranet only has two phone number designated for customer care support. Any other number you see online does not belong to the company. You can speak to an agent by calling 07002345678 or 08002345678. For quick online support, visit Spectranet contact us page on their website https://spectranet.com.ng/contact-us and fill their contact form.

Spectranet Customer Care on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

You can contact Spectranet on Twitter for information about their services, complaints or enquiry @Spectranet_NG. Reach out to them on Facebook @SpectranetLimited. While for Instagram users, contact them @SpectranetLimited.ng

Spectranet Customer Care office address

You can contact Spectranet by going to their head office address below. For the location of their branches closest to you, kindly call them to find that out. Plot 36B, Mobolaji Johnson Avenue Oregun Industrial Estate Alausa Ikeja Lagos.

Price List of Spectranet MiFi

  • Freedom MiFi – NGN 16,000
  • Spectra Outdoor Modem – NGN 70,000
  • Zoom CPE MiFi – NGN 25,000
  • Evo MiFi – NGN 20,000
  • Blue Freedom MiFi – NGN 16,000

Full List of Spectranet Data Plans

Spectranet offers a wide range of data plan subscription. There will always be one that fits into your budget/plan. These data plans can work on all Spectranet broadband MiFi and Modems. Below is the list of Spectranet data plans, and how much they cost.

  1. Unified Value 4GB – NGN3,000/Monthly
  2. Unified Value 5GB + 1GB Night Bonus – NGN3,500/Monthly
  3. Unified Value 7GB – NGN 5,000/Monthly
  4. Unified Value 15GB – NGN 7,000/Monthly
  5. Good Morning 15GB + Free Unlimited Morning Browsing from (4am – 7am) – NGN8,000/Monthly
  6. Unified Value 25GB + Free Unlimited Night Browsing – NGN10,000/Monthly
  7. Unified Value 40GB + Free Unlimited Night Browsing – NGN12,500/Monthly
  8. Unified Value 50GB + Free Unlimited Night Browsing + Always On @512 kbps speed post 50GB (Abuja only) – NGN 13,000/Monthly
  9. Unified Value 60GB + Free Unlimited Night Browsing – NGN15,000/Monthly
  10. Unlimited Gold 100GB + Always On @512 kbps speed post 100GB – NGN18,000/Monthly
  11. Freedom Prime Plus 200GB + Free Unlimited Night Browsing + Always On @512 kbps speed post 200GB – NGN37,500/Monthly
  12. Freedom Elite 300GB + Free Unlimited Night Browsing + Always On @512 kbps speed post 300GB – NGN55,500/Monthly
  13. Magic Value 10GB + Up to 10GB Magic Data – NGN6,000/Monthly
  14. Unified Value Nite 20GB Night data (7pm -7am) – NGN7,500/Monthly
  15. Unified Value Nite 40GB Night data (7pm -7am) – NGN11,000/Monthly
  16. Data Top-Up 1GB, Validity: As per Base Plan – NGN500
  17. Mini Plan 15GB (9GB Bonus) – NGN4,000/Weekly

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