Start a Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria

How to Start a Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria


There are many businesses one can start in Nigeria with little capital and make a living out of it. One of those businesses is Barbing salon. With the right plan and setup, one can earn a good amount of money from this business.

This article will guide you on how to start a barbing salon business in Nigeria. On average, a male gets a haircut two times a month. There will even be some that show up to your salon on a weekly basis. Barbing salon is not only meant for haircuts, but other beauty-related services are also made available in the salon such as hair treatment, dreading, curls, and dying.

Factors that determine a good Barbing Salon Business

For the barbing salon business to be successful and lucrative, there are factors to consider. Below are the factors that determine a good barbing salon business;

  • Location
  • Services offered
  • The condition of the salon i.e well furnished with the necessary equipment.
  • How much you charge per haircut

List of Barbing Salon tools, kits and equipment

The tools, kits and equipment you have in your barbing salon is a determinant factor when considering how much you’ll be making. It is advisable that you have the best equipment in the business. Below is the list of barbing salon tools, kits and equipment you need for your business;

  • Neat cover clothes
  • Wall mirrors
  • Cosmetics products such as hair creams, conditioners, sprays, dyes, relaxers, facial powders e.t.c.
  • Lightning, wiring & power sockets
  • Furniture e.g decorations, cupboard and tables
  • Barbing salon pictures & wallpapers
  • Basic tools such as combs, blades, scissors, tissue papers, medicated spirit e.t.c.
  • Towels & towel warmer
  • Standard rotatable barber chairs
  • Quality Clippers
  • Standby Generator
  • Sterilizers
  • Standing or ceiling fans, and/or Air Conditioner
  • Entertainment system e.g Television and home theatre.
  • Waiting chairs

How to Start a Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria


Location is an important factor in businesses like this. You need a location that is easily accessible to people. And make sure there is no barbing salon around the location. Preferably, it should be on a busy road in a highly populated environment.

Carry out a Feasibility Study on the total cost

Once you’ve seen a location/shop, the next thing is to set it up. Before paying for the shop rent, carry out a feasibility study and find out how much is required on setting up the shop. Of course, it depends on the standard you want the shop to be in.

How many barber’s stand can the shop accommodate. This and many more are what you should find out. Some shops will take around 2 million Naira to set up while others will take around 500,000 thousand Naira.

Rent the Shop

After carrying out your feasibility study, and you’re capable financially. Then proceed to pay the rent for the shop. And start the furniture process. Get all the barbing salon tools, kits and equipment listed above.

Branding the Business

Every business needs branding. Now that your shop is ready, the next thing is branding. You’ll need to come up with a unique and catchy business name e.g Emad barbing salon. Make sure you register your business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Employ Quality Barbers

Except you are a trained barber, you’ll need to hire the services of qualified and experienced barbers. The number of barbers you need depends on the size of your shop. I believe at this stage, you should know how many barbers can stay in your shop, which is part of the reason for the feasibility study.

Get a Bathing license

Every business in Nigeria has an association and the Barbing salon business is no exception. Contact the barbing salon association and get an operation license from them.

Create awareness in your location

Since you’re new in your location, create awareness and let people living or working around the location know about you. You can create flyers, posters and banners as a form of advertisement. Also, make a good impression to first-timers to keep them coming back.

This article provides you with all the necessary details you need on how to start a barbing salon business in Nigeria. This business has made millions for many Nigerians and you too can become a part of it.


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