– 10 Best Alternatives to Stream Movies online

0 is a very popular website and perhaps one of the best websites to download and also keep track of your favourites series or any other series you’re currently following. If you’re a fan of series then you’d definitely value the simplicity and ease of use brings.

While is certainly among the best websites to download series from, there are other websites out there that are also quite good just in case thewatchseries website suddenly becomes unavailable, goes down or can’t find a series you would like to watch on their website. So without further ado, let’s get started.

10 Best alternatives to stream movies online

123Movies.To is not that much of an alternative to thewatchseries webisite as it has only movies and not series but they sure go hand in hand. So if you’re looking for a website to download the latest blockbuster movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Korean etc then look no further than supplies you with series while supplies you with movies. Perfect combo right ?


GenVideos is also a good website for movies download and will definitely come in handy if you value good quality movies. The website doesn’t have a ton of movies in its library as that isn’t its strong suit. However, the few movies which it does have comes in HD quality so no blurry or pixelated movie on the website. This is probably why it has such a few collections of movies as they probably want to deliver quality over quantity. Nonetheless, it is a good site for movies and definitely worth checking out.


MegaShareSC is one of the best websites for both movies and series. They are the best and latest when it comes to movies and series with a clean website that is easy to navigate through and a search you can use to qThewatchseries.touickly search for a movie or series you want to download. No annoying pop-up ads, at least not yet. Each movie or series also brings up a little description about it which gives you a hint about the said series or movies before Downloading.

IceFilms.Info is definitely one of those movie/series websites you know you just want to save immediately you come across it. The website actually brings a whole new stuffs to the movie/series website space. First, movies and TV series on the website are grouped into rating which makes it easier for you to choose from the fans favourites. There is still the usual genre grouping which you can go through to find a movie or series you are looking for. The website also has a forum where you get to met others and discuss interesting and new movies/series.

Movie4k formerly known as or is also a good alternative to the thewatchseries. However, the former only has movies which are in HD quality. Their website is pretty neat and free of annoying ads which make getting to the movie or series you’re looking for way more easier. You can also use the search button at the top right to make things easier. Definitely a website I’ll recommend and worth checking out.


MydownloadTube isn’t among the best websites for movies but it definitely worth mentioning. They have some really good movies is different qualities which you can choose from. Overall, the website isn’t as neat as it ought to be but still neat enough for you to download from it. The website also has the latest blockbuster which has been sorted out according to their genres. If you’re into games then you’d be happy to know that this website has does too.

Vumoo.Life is just every other movie website. Pretty basic nothing special. Every movie on the website have been sorted alphabetically, yearly and according to their genre, you just have to choose which part you want to take to get to the movie you want. All the latest movies are available on the website in HD quality.

Rainerlandmovies is yet another good alternative for not just movies but also series as the website is stocked with the recent in both the world of series and movies. It’s just like your one-stop-shop for everything entertainment. Series have their genre grouping which you can browse through while movie has top today which are the list of top movies to checkout for the day and so on. or is also a good movie and series websites. They have the latest movies and series in HD quality. Their website is also neat, clean and most importantly, free from those annoying pop-up ads. Just like every other movie and series website, there is a search bar here to make things easier.


Like the name already suggested, Tvshows4mobile has only TV series, no movies. It has a wide collection of TV series with more being added daily to the website. Every series have been categorised alphabetically which makes locating series very simple. Each episode of each series come in 360p and 480p formats to choose to depend or how much quality you want. The higher the quality the higher the file size.

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