Best Courses for Art Students

Top Best Courses for Art Students in Nigeria

Graduating from secondary school as an Art student, the next step will be the tertiary institution. It is perfectly normal for every student to want the best for themselves.

The art student often times will have a lot of burning questions like what’s the best university for me, what is the best course for art to study?

In this article, we bring to you the top best courses for art students in Nigeria.

If you’re an art student seeking admission into a tertiary institution, this article is a must-read for you.

When it comes to categorising best art courses in Nigeria, the first thing to look for is the job availability of that course. You’ve to ask yourself can this course get me a decent job once I’ve graduated. How popular is this course in Nigeria? What does the labour market say about this course?

All these things are what you should consider getting the top best courses for the art student in Nigeria. Though, students are always advised to take up a course they have an interest in and enjoy. Do not start a course you have no passion for or aren’t interested in doing. Below is the list of top best courses art students in Nigeria;

Mass Communication

It’s no surprise to see Mass Communication at the top of this list. It is easily the most marketable course for an art student in Nigeria. It is a diverse course as graduates can work in Radio/TV stations, Arts Councils, Newspaper and printing company. Journalism is a profession that will forever be in demand in Nigeria.


Of course, why won’t the law be on the list? This is one of the premium courses for art students. Lawyers are often held in high regard as Doctors. This course offers great employee benefits and opportunities. Unlike Mass Communication, Law is a tough course to study in Nigeria. You need to be at your best to finish with a good grade in Law.

Political Science

Another gold mine course in art is political science. Like c’mon, we know how much politicians make in Nigeria and how rich and powerful they are. It is the dream of most Nigerians to be able to in a position of power. Though political science is a very competitive career path, it is no doubt very lucrative.


Next on the list of top best courses for art students in Nigeria is Music. Yes, you heard it right, getting a Bachelor’s degree in Music is no joke. The Nigeria music industry is considered to be a cash cow right now. Many musicians that are making it in music don’t even have a degree in the field. In this career path, you can decide to be a singer, songwriter, music engineer, record producer amongst many other things.

Theatre Arts

Graduates of this course can have a career in acting, scriptwriting, producing, directing e.t.c. Many actors and actresses in Nollywood today are rich and famous. They get endorsement deals from big corporate organizations. Their films are sold out in Cinemas across Nigeria.

English Language

The English language is also a good course for art students. This course offers diversity and graduates can work in various places as a journalist, writer, author, and editor. You can even be an English teacher in junior & secondary schools or a lecturer in tertiary institutions.

Literature in English

This course is similar to the English language but different. Literalists are well-respected people in any society. Take for instance, in Nigeria, we have Wole Soyinka who is a Nobel Prize winner. Another example is Chinua Achebe.


This is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. Psychology is often regarded as Doctors. This course is a hot cake in Nigeria and all over the world. The course is a multifaceted discipline. As a graduate of Psychology you can work in human development, health, clinical, sports, social behaviour and cognitive processes.

International Relations Language

As a graduate of International Relations Language (IRL) you can become an ambassador for Nigeria. The course requires you to study foreign languages and the relations between your country and other countries.

Criminology & Security Studies

Lastly on the list of top best courses for art students in Nigeria is Criminology and Security Studies. This is not a course for the faint-hearted but it’s a very lucrative one. This course gives you a career in Nigeria Armed Forces; Police, Navy, Army and Air Force. The salary range of a graduated entering into the Armed Forces is quite attractive and you won’t have to start the least level of rank.

When it comes to the top best courses for Art students in Nigeria, these 10 courses has to be it. As an art student, you should strive to gain admission into one of the above-listed courses. It is not advisable to study a course that doesn’t have a demanding market in Nigeria.

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