Latest Shuku Ghana Weaving styles

Top Ghana weaving Shuku Styles you can try


Clueless about the lemonade braids you should make? Do you need the latest ghana weaving shuku styles?

There is lots of fantastic shuku hairstyle with attachment to try. However, these latest Ghana weaving hairstyles we will list in these articles are to die for. Check out these Shuku styles and pick the one that is perfect for you.

Milky Shuku

Milky Shuku

Titled milky shuku by the owner, these braids are spectacular and so high up you would love it. They are made with the golden attachment, and most of the frontals fall far from your skin, so you don’t have to worry about hair breakage in the future.

Feeding braids

Feeding braids are forever the best shuku styles you can enjoy. These braids are well organized and structured in big loops. You will love how neat your skin looks, and they are so high up that it will work for ladies out there. Again, you don’t have to worry about your hair, because these styles are protective.

Hourglass cornrows

This lovely and unique shuku hairstyle is something you try out this year. It’s a total combination of the big and small cornrows arranged in zigzag patterns.

Generic cornrows updo

We are so in love with cornrows that we can never fault the simple, black, and decent lock. This cornrows are so beautiful and patterned to focus on the center of your face. You can tie them into a bun at the center, and they had still looked so good.

Jumbo natural cornrows

Jumbo Natural Cornrows
Image:, @dj_cheveux Source: UGC

Don’t want to go the Ghana way? You can enjoy the generic natural hair cornrows. As the name implies, it can work on natural or relaxed hairs and is protective of your scalp and hair. Whoever says you can’t enjoy cornrows with natural hair hasn’t seen this one yet.

Braided cornrows

Braided Cornrows

This is yet another way to enjoy the generic Ghana shuku hairstyles without seeming like the rest of the crowd. This style will look good on all kinds of faces and gives that lovely Arabian outlook.

Stunning, stylish cornrows

Stunning, stylish cornrows

Don’t settle for the norm, go all out for a braid that rocks your world, protects your hair and scalp, and looks so beautiful. This shuku hairstyle mixes the thin and thick braids in a unique pattern that ends as a very tight ponytail at the top. The two small braids on the sides are also lovely accessories; you will absolutely enjoy them.

Cute and gorgeous cornrows

Cute and gorgeous cornrows

You will love these beautifully-looking braids, which highlight your skin and face. These cornrows feature little natural twists tied into jumbo-sized braids. You can increase the length if you like or settle for what we have here.

And there you have it, top Ghana weaving Shuku styles you can try. Please let us know which one suits your fancy and why. You can also share your favorite Shuku hairstyles with us in the comment box below.


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