What is Twinkas, How can I Register, Is it still Active?


Ponzi schemes have been the trend in Nigeria for the past few years. Many of these schemes have gone into oblivion. But many others are still pulling a lot of traffic and awareness. In this guide, we will discover whether the scheme, Twinkas is still viable and how to register.

What Is Twinkas?

Twinkas is an online donation platform. It came to Nigeria in 2017, after millions of people lost their money to the MMM scheme. It has a different process where members pay money into individuals account as opposed to the company account, failure to pay the money on time leads to banishment from the sites so as not to create fear among other members.

Twinkas was said to have been created by a group of humanitarians whose aim was to reduce poverty by empowering its members through donations from peers.

Participants on Twinkas were not allowed to create more than one account. The scheme, which claims to be effective, trustworthy, sustainable, gives a 100 percent and more cash return on Investment in less than or 21 days, it also gives a 5% referral commission.

The Ponzi scheme has five packages members are to choose from after they must have completed registration.

The Veteran package: this package is for those who would be willing and able to pay N100, 000 in order to get 200,000 as payback. On this platform, the system automatically connects you with two other participants who would pay you N100, 000 each.

Ultimate package: This package is the same as the first. Here, you pay N50, 000 and receive twice the money invested. You receive your money from two other people, who would pay you N50, 000 Naira each.

Professional package: People who subscribe to this package are required to pay N10 000 to receive N20, 000 in return in 21 days. Here, the system links you to two people who will pay back twice the money

Classic package: In this package, you pay 5,000 and receive 10,000 from two different people.

All the packages have the same time duration and payment rules. You will get twice the money you have given with the difference of only the amount been paid.

How Can I Register for Twinkas?

The registration process is not complicated, it so easy step, anyone can join at any time.

  • First, you go on the website – www.twinkas.com.
  • Move down to the blue area and click on the “Create Your account” to begin the registration.
  • Next, you will be taken to the next page where you will select the package you would prefer and click on signup
  • Enter your complete information like full name, address, etc,  Ensure your details are correct before submitting.
  • When your form has been accepted by the system, the dashboard of your Personal Office (PO) will open and become accessible to you.

After all the necessary information has been made the last step is to fill in your bank details.

You should do this carefully because It is impossible to change it or put in a request for payment to be made into a different bank account. When you are done, you can now confirm the bank account. Log in and if it is still active. Copy down your activation code. You will need it in the future.

 is Twinkas still active?

Yes, it is. In June of 2019, Twinkas was rated number 8 amongst the top 15 working Ponzi scheme in Nigeria till date. Because it has been around since 2016, many have sworn by its reliability.

Twinkas is a Ponzi platform that gives double or 200% of investments to participants within 21 days. Although it is very much alive, you should check out your reasons for using the platform before signing up. Again, make sure you are using spare funds to avoid unwanted future events.

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