Union Bank transfer Code

Union Bank Transfer Code to Other Banks in Nigeria


Are you interested in knowing about the Union bank transfer code to other banks in Nigeria? Fortunately for you, this code allows you to do more than just send money. You can also do other transactions, like buying airtime with this code.

You can easily transfer money from Union Bank to another bank using your mobile smartphone. Anywhere and at any time is convenient for you to do this transaction. In addition, Union Bank now allows you to send money directly from your mobile device to another Union Bank account. The service works on any mobile device, internet or not. All you have to do is dial the USSD code from the phone number associated with your Union Bank account.

In this article, you’ll learn about the union bank transfer code to other banks in Nigeria.

What is the Union bank transfer code?

Union bank transfer codes enable you to move funds from one Union bank account to another. Additionally, it is a platform through which you can effortlessly check your account balance while on the go.

Almost all Nigerian banks have now implemented mobile banking and issued all customers with a transfer code. Additionally, you can refer to it as the Union Bank Mobile Money recharge code.

Union bank transfer code is now available to all of the company’s customers. And the company has simplified and accelerated the process for everyone who uses their service.

Union Bank Transfer Code to Other Banks in Nigeria: How to register

In order to use the Union bank transfer code, you must first finish the registration process, which is simple and stress-free.

However, before you can proceed with the offline registration, you must have a Union bank account. Then, using the *826# transfer code, you can send money to Union.

Yes, you can register for the Union bank transfer code for free. To sign up, all you need to do is dial *826#.

Remember that you must use the phone number that was registered with your account. Once you dial the digits for the first time, the registration is complete.

Union Bank Transfer Code to Other Banks in Nigeria: How to create the transfer pin?

A 4-digit transfer pin is required to complete and secure the Union bank transfer code. According to Union Bank, your safety is a top priority for them.

You can’t send money from one bank account to another without the Union bank pin. In order to execute a transaction, the transaction pin must be entered at all times.

Union bank transfer pins are crucial. Simply call *826*5# to generate a transaction PIN for Union Bank.


Create an easy-to-remember 4-digit transaction pin wherever possible. For example, your ATM withdrawal pin should be included.

Union Bank Transfer Code to Other Banks in Nigeria: How to transfer money from Union Bank to other banks

It doesn’t cost anything. You don’t need a data connection to use this service with Union bank. And, as previously stated, they prefer things to be kept as simple as possible.

Dial *826*2*amount*Account No# to transfer money from Union Bank to another bank. Your transfer pin can be entered after dialing the code.

For now, you can send money from your Union bank account to your UBN account by dialing *826*1*transfer pin number*amount#. That’s it.

You will notice a pop-up message on your phone screen. This is because SMS notification will be automatically sent to your registered phone number with the Bank to confirm that the transaction was successful.

Transfers can only be made from your own current or savings account, so be aware of this fact. For example, suppose you have a corporate, joint, target savings, or domiciliary bank account. In that case, you can’t do anything with them because of this rule.

There is a fee of 52.50 for each transfer of funds to another bank.

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