University of Ibadan Courses, School fees and admission Requirements


Do you wish to learn more about University of Ibadan school fees, course and requirements? We will cover all of them in this article

The University of Ibadan is one of the best schools in Nigeria. It was established in 1949 as the very first University in Nigeria although as an arm of the College of the University of London. It was only recognized as an independent institution two years after the Nigerian Independence in 1962

At inception, the school had only Medicine, Science and Arts disciplines. Today, there are over 16 Faculties in the school.

University of Ibadan Courses

There are over 16 faculties in this great school, they include:

  1. Public Health
  2. Arts
  3. Science, Basic Medical Sciences
  4. Clinical studies
  5. Social Sciences
  6. Agriculture
  7. Dentistry
  8. Economics
  9. Renewable Natural Resources
  10. Management
  11. Environment
  12. Veterinary Medicine
  13. Technology
  14. Environmental Design
  15. Law
  16. Education

Out of this 16 University of Ibadan Faculties, there are over 65 different departments. Here is the list of available courses, you can study at the University of Ibadan

College of Medicine

  1. Human Nutrition
  2. Medicine & Surgery
  3. Biochemistry
  4. Dentistry
  5. Nursing Science
  6. Physiology
  7. Physiotherapy

Faculty of Pharmacy

  1. Pharmacy

Faculty of Law

  1. Law

Veterinary Medicine

  1. Veterinary Medicine


  1. Petroleum Engineering
  2. Electrical & Electronic engineering
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Agricultural & Environmental Engineering
  5. Food technology
  6. Wood Products Engineering

The Social Sciences

  1. Political Science
  2. Economics
  3. Geography
  4. Psychology
  5. Sociology


  1. Human Kinetics
  2. Educational Management
  3. Adult Education
  4. Special Education
  5. Guidance & Counselling
  6. Library studies
  7. Health Education
  8. Teacher Education ( Pre-primary, Science, Social Sciences, and Arts Education)

Faculty of Science

  1. Geology
  2. Mathematics
  3. Computer Science
  4. Chemistry
  5. Anthropology
  6. Archeology Single Honours
  7. Archaeology Combined ( With Zoology, Geography, Geology and Botany)
  8. Chemistry
  9. Industrial Chemistry
  10. Microbiology
  11. Statistics
  12. Physics
  13. Botany
  14. Geography

Faculty of Arts

  1. Arabic Language & Literature
  2. Islamic Studies
  3. Archaeology Combined
  4. Archaeology
  5. Classics
  6. Anthropology
  7. English Language & Literature
  8. Philosophy
  9. History
  10. Communication & Language Arts
  11. Religious Studies
  12. Theatre Arts
  13. European Studies ( German, Russian and French)
  14. Linguistics & African Studies

University of Ibadan Admission Requirements

Getting into the University of Ibadan is becoming relatively easy but might still be tricky. While they broadcast Jamb Cutoffs at 180 points and UME cut off mark at 200 points, you need to aim higher to get in safely. There are thousands of students seeking the same entry, and so the cut-offs won’t matter when the school reaches the limit for each department.

University of Ibadan School fees and Login

Once you have successfully gained admission into the school, you will use your Jamb Registration Number for important things including using the School Portal until you are given a matriculation number. You will also have to pay your school fees within the first few months. How to Register for the first time for freshers

  • Go to the UI student Portal
  • Enter your Jamb Registration Number
  • Next, enter your Surname, don’t add hyphens in your name even if you use it normally
  • Click Sign in
  • Now, fill in your Biodata and click on Update

How to Pay Your School fees

  • Log in to the UI Student Portal
  • By default, as long as you have registered, you will see the Fee Payment page
  • Select “Pay Your Fees” at the top right corner
  • Next, pick your fee type by checking the checkbox against “Your Preferred Fee Type.”
  • Next, select “Add selected items to My Fees List” and tap on “Proceed.”
  • Your page will refresh to show the Remita tab. Check the box against it and tap “Post Now.”
  • You will see the fee statement. Copy the Reference Number
  • Next, Click on proceed to Gateway
  • Now pick the method you want to use to make payments – Card Payment or Internet Banking
  • If you’re going to pay to the bank, copy the Remita Retrieval Reference Number or Print out the Page and take it with you to the bank
  • Once you have paid the school, fees you can log back in and complete your registration

Make sure you pay your fees on time and complete your registration as well. Your school fees as a fresher will fall within the range of 17,000 to 43,000 naira. You can pay your school fees by Internet Banking, ATM Card payment, and paying at the traditionally assigned bank.

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