www.wapdam.com: How to Download Wapdam Games


www.wapdam.com is a very popular website for not just games but for other things such as wallpapers, songs and much more. The Website has been one of my goto websites to download games in the past but unfortunately, there are no more.

Before the website demise, users of the website were reporting that their browsers were notifying them of the website phishing activities which prompted people to stop using the website and ultimately the closure of the website. Just in case you don’t know what phishing is, phishing is fraudulent practice some website engage in by showing you a form to fill or tricking you to visit another website in order to obtain sensitive or private information about you like your credit card or something of the sort.

Anyway, wapdam is no more but thankfully. It has been restructured into what is now known as Waptrick.one. For a start, there is no phisphing activity going on with Waptrick, if there was, your browser would tell you. Waptrick has also been around for a long time dating back to my childhood days. Some of you might even remember the webisite. Lastly, Waptrick has all the games and apps available on wapdam with even more. Its collection of files are definitely more than what you’d find on Wapdam.

Categories on Waptrick.one includes the following:

  • Waptrick Games
  • Waptrick Music
  • Waptrick Videos
  • Waptrick Themes and many more.

You can also make a search for a file you want on the website using the search bar available at the top of the website. The User interface is very clean and minimal and there are no pop-ads on the website. As for the games on the website, it consists of different genre from adventure games to action games to even racing games and much more. You can download all the games, apps, themes, wallpapers on the website absolutely free – no fee, no hidden charge.

How To Download Games From Waptrick

Downloading a game, app or any other file from Waptrick.one is simple. All you have to do is simply follow the steps below.

  • First, Launch any browser and visit the Waptrick.one Website.
  • Use the search bar at the top of the website to look for a game you would like to download or Navigate to the game through the categories.
  • When you get to the game page, click on the Download Option to start downloading the game.
  • After Downloading the game, you can launch the game and enjoy.

While using the website to download any file you want is very simple and is one of the best wap websites I have used and would recommend, it is also worthy to note that you should provide sensitive information on any of these wap websites if requested so as to avoid comprising it. Asides that, Waptrick.one is for the best replacement for wapdam and if you are having troubles accessing or just using the website, be sure to let us know through the comment section down below so we can help.

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