Websites to download Yoruba movies

Top Websites to Download Yoruba Movies


Cinematography is a very lucrative market in Nigeria. The Nigerian film industry is a billion naira industry. Nollywood, as it is fondly called, has different movies produced to suit various ethnic groups in the country. In today’s article, we will be looking at the Yoruba aspect of Nollywood.

The Yoruba movies are popular for people who are native of Southwestern part of the country or people who live in Southwest and understand the language. One can now download Yoruba movies online straight to their device. We have put together a list of top websites to download Yoruba movies

Websites to download Yoruba movies

Some of these websites or online platform allows you to download Yoruba movies for free. While others require you to pay a subscription fee monthly/annually. The subscription-based platforms offer movies in crystal clear HD and their archive is quite much.

Websites to Download Yoruba movies


IbakaTV is a video-on-demand platform strictly for Nigerians movies and one of the best websites to download Yoruba movies. This is one of Nigeria’s fastest growing internet entertainment company right now. They boast of over 15,000 hours of movies watch time. On the IbakaTV app, you can select your favourite movie star, and see exciting movie collections they featured in. IbakaTV charges NGN2,500 monthly as subscription fee.


Similar to IbakaTV as one of the best websites to download Yoruba movies. This video-on-demand platform is one of the best in Nigeria. The mobile app gives you access to the world’s best Nollywood movies & TV series, consisting of thousands of Nigerian films. Unlike a most video-on-demand app, IrokoTV allows you to download movies and watch them offline without using additional data. This is a subscription plan platform, and charges NGN3,000 monthly.

NetNaija is an entertainment website where you can download music, movies, TV series and lots more. They upload the latest Yoruba Nollywood movies and TV series. The most attractive thing about NetNaija is that you don’t need any subscription plan before downloading. It’s completely free.

Real Nolly TV

RealNollyTV is an online streaming platform for Nollywood movies. They have Yoruba movies and that of other ethnic groups in the country. Genres such as Drama, Comedy, Action, Romance e.t.c are all available. You can also download the mobile app on Google playstore and Apple’s App Store.


Nollyland claims to be Africa’s first world-class movie platform. Their mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. This is a premium platform where you’ll require to subscribe before watching their movie collections. Their subscription plans are 1-month/$5.99, 3-months/$16.99, 6-months/$32.99 and 12-months/$64.99. If you’re not interested in their monthly subscription based plan, they also offer daily plans. Their daily subscription plans are 1-Day Pass/$2.99, 3-Day Pass/$3.99, and 30-Day Pass/$7.99.

Yoruba movies

There is no better place to download Yoruba movies online than They constantly upload latest Yoruba movies featuring the likes of Odunlade Adekola, Taiwo Hassan, Jumoke Odetola, Shotayo Sobola e.t.c. It is completely free to download from this website. You can also stream the movie rather than downloading it.

NaijaOlofofo is a website that focuses on entertainment in Nigeria. They have music audio, music videos, viral videos, and movies for download. Popular and trending Yoruba movies are featured on the website for its visitors to download.

Nigerian Movie Network is truly a network of Nigerian movies. The website is loaded with over 5,000 Nollywood movies. You can select your preferred movie category by clicking the navigation menu. Streaming and downloading of movies on this platform is completely free. The movies are in 720p and HD resolution, so be wary of how much data you consume.

NaijaPals is a social forum where you can interact with people, and share contents. They post celebrity news, music videos and lots more. The forum has a category dedicated to the downloading of Yoruba movies. No need for a subscription, just visit, select your preferred Yoruba movie, download and enjoy.

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