Best WhatsApp TV Status and group link chats

Best WhatsApp TV Status and Group Link Chats

In today’s post, we’ll be showing you the best WhatsApp TV status and group link chats. WhatsApp TV is a trending feature in Nigeria now especially for those operating a WhatsApp business account. It is a way to engage their audience within your niche. Depending on what you are looking for, we’ve WhatsApp TV links for jokes, education, business products, life hacks, riddles, hook up, and lots more. Aside from WhatsApp TV, you can also join the WhatsApp group where the admin posts content regularly on a specific niche.

Below are the 10 best WhatsApp TV statuses and groups you can possibly join. Just pick your favourite and click on the link to start chatting!

  • Zedduction TV: It is a WhatsApp business account that uploads on its status funny videos, pictures, riddles and many more. Add by clicking here
  • P Bams TV: This is the trending WhatsApp business account that uploads on its status everything about football, from football gist, transfers, matches to live score update and so much more. On this WhatsApp TV, you can advertise to get quality traffic to your business or social media account. You’ll be glad you joined. Add up by clicking here
  • Wosh TV: An entertainment business account that regularly posts funny memes and trending videos. They usually do recharge card giveaway for their audience. Join them by clicking here
  • Ninja TV: regularly post memes, videos, hookups and giveaways. Don’t miss out, join Ninja TV by clicking here
  • PhazkidTech TV: This account post the latest free browsing cheats and tech updates. Join them here
  • Whine TV: This account is well known for its massive giveaway of airtime. They post entertainment videos, pictures, fun facts e.t.c. Join here
  • ETV: This account post latest celebrity gossip, music, anime, movies, hookup and hacked apps. Click here to join
  • Hilarious TV: From its name, you can tell they post hilarious contents like tweeter memes, funny videos clips, savage responses e.t.c. Click here and join
  • Jolly TV: This is a multi-niche account that regularly posts about job vacancies, love & relationship, cooking tips, comedies and many more. Join Jolly TV here
  • Jay TV: This television account is for 18+ only because they post adult-rated contents. Get to read sex stories, watch twerk videos, hookups and meet-up e.t.c. You can join the family here
  • Starr TV: Join this account if you’re interested in trendy gist, twitter savages, hacked apps, funny stories and memes, latest news, WCW & MCM, Cash and Airtime giveaways, Relationship talks and more. Click here to join Starr TV

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